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Temic, Man MBA inside of here with us on the Goodyear hotline moving away from that Luca and the Mavs right now, Luca, we had my ring, and I had this conversation last night. He's not even he's already on. No. Just one name basis. It's it's Kobe. It's dark. You know, Luca, he's to that status right now. When you look at what he's done in the year three, and now the MAV trying to avoid that play in spot at the seven seed, just describe Lucas game and how he's viewed Not just because you color cover more than just a math, not just by his teammates, but around the league. He's widely recognized as a bona fide superstar, you know, with you and argue, top five top 10. Whatever the case, just do just turned 22 years old. A couple months ago, and nobody questions that he is, You know, absolutely among the very elite players in the NBA A and, you know, obviously being that young Being this good already. You know what the possibilities are, You know, I said last year. I think he's the most talented player in franchise history. And you know, that was with Dirk. Having just retired. I had a pretty damn good career, but we just in terms of pure talent like it's not. It's not close, and he's having the best regular season. In flames on history. Now he won't be an M V. P not this year. But you know, I would bet on him winning at least one if not multiple, M V P s on the course of his career, And then you know what? What comes along with all that? Is, If you got that kind of a player, you've got the most difficult piece to find in terms of the championship puzzle. It puts pressure on you to figure out the rest of that puzzle. Ondo. That's on Mark Cuban. It's on Donnie Nelson. Comrade call out. I think they've got you know some potential complementary pieces. But you know you're not one of the championship in today's MBA is a one star team. And right now there's only one started the Maddox nose gonna be, Uh, you know, a guy that they can count on on on a consistent basis. Follow him on Twitter at ESPN. Underscore McMahon MBA inside of forest here at ESPN. Timmy Man here on the Goodyear Hotline. Timmy Mack. We'd really appreciate it. Have a great weekend man, and we'll talk soon Thanks, but I appreciate it, fellas. That's our pleasure to me, Mac right here on ESPN Radio with Meyer Metcalfe. I mean, Fitzsimmons and Myron. We'll get back in his eye on coming up in a bit. But when you hear him talk about Luca like that. You know, and you look at LeBron's first three years as as our man J Clinic was talking about last night, Loki and Lucas first three years to the stats mean sometimes numbers don't lie. You could make numbers dance a lot of different ways. But Luca what he's doing right now. Coach. This is your world. Your basketball guy. It's special. A man and I just feel like they're gonna be a couple of guys where you go. This is the MBA. These are the faces of the MBA after LeBron leaves, and he's at the top of that list. Because he's just that good. He could be bigger than Dirk. Which that says a lot even in Dallas. Consider what Dirk bid like he's on that pass. Dirk is the sixth All time leading scorer in the historian out there dream. Superstars mimicking that fade away off legged knee up shot, right? I mean, Wow, that's high praise. I will switch gears back to hope in a little bit coming up next, the head coach of a college football team, I might change the way the game is played next. We're.

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