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I believe and he was not able to focus he was slurring his words a lot and this is a person who has who has a history of battling with shirts drugs and alcohol and of course everybody or you know the majority of people were opining that he was obviously under the influence in this interview also somebody in the daily mail article talks about you know somebody basically playing an office because he's not wearing a signature guy liner and smokey i it has a huge waves face looked listen if wearing eyeliner not wearing eyeliner made you look you know fifty pounds lighter than you normally i would never wear eyeliner yeah looks totally normal he looks peyot he looks rode hard don't look wail he's wearing shades and he looks like he's probably lost he looks like he's severely underweight frankly i have to be perfectly honest i've never understood the allure of johnny depp by well i have not i'm surprised actually because you like those heroin legs i like fake heroin legs what is fake heroin legs i like skinny legs on a man who's not actually doing heroin scrawny but laurie's hero so i'm curious what what lori would have to say about him because i can't imagine she would come to his defense in any way is this shame though because back in his twenty one jump street days do you remember those did you yeah and i just you know i don't know i can't even say that i even regard him as a great actor anymore because they don't remember the last thing i saw him in i can't watch him without thinking that's johnny depp and he's a hot mess he crybaby edward scissorhands i mean even like the bad roles like he went through this whole period you've got the whole what what's the guy's name tim burton burton whole sort of tim burton period like even though it was weird like sweeney todd but there's just something magical about did he do a sherlock holmes one i'm thinking of jack the ripper movie maybe that's what i'm thinking of.

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