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I don't think that Prescott has reached his full potential yet. I think he's still he's going to have a new offense coordinator this year. I think there's going to be able to bring out more of his skill set. There may be teams in the market for Dak Prescott as a free agent. I don't have to give up draft compensation to get him. And I keep my draft picks. Oh, yeah. There's going to be a market for that Prescott. Yes. Stephen Jones said that he's focusing most of their energy now on getting extensions for Dacoota, Mark. I would like to extend Zeke at some point. Do you think who do you think is? More important to Cowboys future. Success between those three guys Dak Prescott quarterback alway, and I know people are going to say well, look at Zeke Zeke. I think he's pretty great. Zeke's been great. He's been awesome. He's been amazing. But the one thing I can tell you that sometimes the running backs. I'm sorry. They grow on trees and Zeke has been great. But you look at the replacement of running backs every single year. I know bought me I know Pittsburgh didn't go to the playoffs last year. But James Connor was amazing. And they went out and drafted another guy. Benny snail they they've grown have backs in Pittsburgh. I think the same thing in Dallas. If they needed to go out and draft another back, you can find a back, especially if you're still using offensive line at you've invested a lot of money in Travers Fredericks coming back Frederickson coming back as well. So you've got pieces, but the quarterback piece, why do you think the draft is so big every single year the NFL draft is big every single year because of one reason the quarterbacks right people were this draft was just whatever. Yeah. Because after Colin went down people start hearing all these defensive player, they never even heard of. I mean, look. Somebody. We've never heard of or seen play. Daniel Jones was the sixth overall pick come moment. That's what this league the NFL is built on the quarterback position. So when you have one, and you've really feel good about your situation, you wrap your arms around that quarterback. Because you're saying, okay, we're happy will wherever at now. We just got to put the pieces around it makes everything a lot better. We'll talk more about this next hour with with our gas. But just want to get this out quick talking about the Lakers. Mention the bomb earlier. Yeah. So tight Liu and his wraps turned down the Lakers offer Tuesday. Sources told agent was in row ski day mcmanamon. So apparently the Lakers on Wednesday offered a deal three years. Eighteen million tile? Woo after which lose side pulled out in the Goshi nations. Reports war tile we wanted five year deal with a salary commensurate with his championship resume both as a player while and a head coach. Of course, also one of the one of the crazy things that was mentioned the Lakers have proposed several scenarios. For assistant coaches, including Jason Kidd on the staff and that really didn't sit. Well with tile guys so many layers. So many layers lose crazy birthday party in Vegas, which they brought him a Lakers cake, so many layers to this Brockman, I mean, I guess look we can start like this first of all in the Knicks our tiny again Guli LA times, she'll be joining us in studio. I'll get hurt thoughts on it. Because remember this week started off with Laker news about LeBron and Lonzo on LeBron's the shot the shots. The first Laker comments since they were talking about their reaction to magic believing that was a week long of Laker news right there. Then all of a sudden, you mentioned the wold bomb and you lie. Oh, they are no longer in content. I mean in contract negotiations Lakers Tyler Tyler feels disrespected and in who's running the Lakers front office as it, rob rob Pelinka, or is it the ram buys? They call it now and Kurt Rambis is so many different layers to this in his wife is having say it all. It is like fascinating now. Because now you open up the candidacy again now, and you have what possible Jason Kidd, Lionel Hollins, Mike Woodson Mike del tufo, I've heard is thrown his name in the hat now know..

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