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Forty three AM Tony pays back with you all the way to five forty. Jerry with our. Let's go to Ben queens. Ben how're ya Lawrence. Tony. I for your information loss has a couple of folks that were under production team of the help. That's running it. So I take dispensing knows who's behind the film, and and all of that. So she's comfortable with them. And it's not often you get to see black women in these roles. No, I will go see that. It'd be definitely during the day. The super moon. No, no, not at all. Scary as hell say. I saw I saw off a Twitter while I was I was in the theater getting ready for another movie. And I'm like, this is strange what the wo- did not see that coming up. So as a superhero slash Hora. Geek, I I will be checking this out a good, you know. Paul heads out there. Your week disappear time. Okay. Enjoy it up. Hey, hey screen training is where everybody's thoughts are totally positive swagger. So telling you got the swagger ninety one nothing, but you got swagger. Hey, you just after a long Jerry season of watch. It awful sports. I'm just talking with some of the baseball by hearts that that that I know basketball football who watches hockey baseball time, you know, like time enjoy. Yeah. I comes around. Here. We go. Yes. Gets injured first and see how long they're going to be out. And who has a backup guy, you know? I told my dad don't even talk about injuries. Don't even put that into the universe right now. The Mets are hero and zero Lynnwood that goal if that go with that feeling. Toner. I believe the ratings went up. After the crash during. I thought I was like it's taking forty people think the end the football games. Take a long time to finish on the end the basketball games. The last ten laps Daytona forty five minutes to finish. Daytona you'll get around the lab in about a minute. A minute. Sorry. I would say and I'm I'm being conservative saying that literally literally for a for a fourteen minute race. The last to let it cook forty minutes. People just like seeing crashes. And finally told I'll leave with this. We talked about it. Saint John's pulled it out. For a while there. I was scared out of my mind like really really they didn't show up against from filling over again. Oh, I'll tell you one thing that garden sounded like when the Knicks were in the finals back twenty years ago place with rocking. I've heard that. I haven't heard that in a long time in the garden when punch I believe three to get them within five Villanova. I swear it sounded just like the Larry Johnson four point play on the radio. I I was like holy crap. Going much. Yeah, I'm Bill in front of, you know, it wasn't a, you know, what do you call it Richter scale didn't register because as a doormat building for a long time. But it just goes to show how starved the New York fan has been for for moments like this. You know, this is a big moment city, and Saint Johns Saint John's could get into the tournament and provide a few moments like that it helps the program for not just next year. But three five years down the line. 'cause kids are watching kick are impressionable, and they'll be sitting at home. In queens, Manhattan, Staten Island. Brooklyn Bronx like I can make my fans through that. For me every night. Yeah. Thanks for the time. And enjoy it was a good game. I watched the last eight minutes I was out on Sunday. But I watched the last eight minutes a replay yesterday, and I was just rocking. And I haven't heard the garden out loud in ages. Let's go to John in massapequa. John you're on the fan. Hey, how's it going? Tony first time. Caller, welcome. Boy, man. How are you? I'm good. I just wanted to talk about the metro quick. I before again, my main point, what do you think about them? How'd you feel about them? Not even going after Bryce or Manny. I didn't like it at all. Because even if you know, it's going to cost a lot. It doesn't hurt to talk to him. Don't hurt at all, you know. Because like I said earlier tonight. You talked to bars. Let's just use Harper for for an example. If you say, listen, if you don't get that ten year deal and you're looking for one year deal. Gimme call see we could work something out. At least you got the lines of communication open. And you know, maybe something happens. But if not at least you're talking to the guy not to not talk. I mean, what's the, you know, you you've got to be engaged with these with these guys, even if it's they're coming at you with a ten year three eighty like the rumors are now if they did that with the Mexican they're going to back out of that. But then you say, okay, look, we like I said one year deal, we're interested and down the road. I know you've got this in this guy. They're gonna be free agents. We really liked him. We'd like to talk to you about them down. That's that's common sense. But to say, I'm not going to get involved. Not you don't even wanna talk to the guys. All right. I agree. I agree with you there. All right. I want to talk about the Fs right now. Because I feel like the Mets let's say in two thousand and six they they kinda secured the Fs there. Even though they didn't make it they make it the World Series. They kind of security as with Carlos Delgado. They would TRAN etc. This year they saw lower they signed Romo. So we we've had d'arno behind the back for what five years now. We don't know if he's going to stay healthy for twenty games. We don't even know. So they secured the is. I just wanna know how anybody can say they haven't secured the instance here, we have a great pitch young pitching staff. They have a they secured the S and the lineup. They even tried to die like the key on trade. I like the JD trae because it's courteous and the backups. So what do you think about that? I think what they still got this. You know? No. Well wrong. If Ramos stays healthy behind the plate. You could hope he can we don't know who's playing. I just yet. We know who's playing second. We know playing short third is still up in the air left field is up in near if McNeil doesn't hit. Then what Tibo? I think I'm going to have a good year. I used to be I think mean all star again. But it's the same. You know, th they don't have enough they need they need almost. Everybody has a career. Yeah. Like rosario? He's gotta be that guy that hit hitting two eighty. He's got it can't be hovering around two thirty or something like that. Let's go to Dwight and Asbury park ain't Dwight. Yes. You had a caller earlier talked about the the black actor playing Batman after that. They mentioned was dining Daniel Qaluwa. He was in the film the Black Panther. Oh, get out that guy. Yeah. I work that could work. Yeah. We're asking you about James, Dolan and Donnie Walsh. How come they could never got never got along. Oh, yeah. I take acting Dolan was still in his, you know, he knows more than everybody faith, I guess back then and and. I mean, I think if they left Walsh alone that the team would have been a lot better shape. They probably wouldn't have made. Maybe they've got Carmelo in the off season inside the free agents that are you know, trading way, I asked us to get him. And you got no team wall's going in the right direction. Made that playoff run and camello was leaning away. Yeah. I mean, you got to trust the people you hire to do the right thing and ever since then, you know, let's let's face it. When he brought Jackson. Everybody was all on board. This is gonna be great. And then it falls apart. You realize what he never really did put a team together. He just coasted. I I remember that story you told me about Jackie Robinson meeting him. What did you think of them the movie they made about him that was done six years ago? Was good. I enjoyed it. I mean, it was it was okay. Some of the also they left out the young woman the daughter of Fritz often Mula she says her father never tried to hit Robinson. There was another guy that Roberson didn't like dining Sal Magli pitch for the giants. He was the one. They said they try to hit Robinson. Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of things in the movie, you know, if you if you read the books, and and do some research how come this wasn't in there. Why is that? And you know, they always embellish stuff in the movies that they make it a little more. Exciting or or controversial? And really was. But you know, you're trying to you know, it's different. You put it in the book is one thing you you put it in movies. Maybe we have to make it a little bit better because it's the movies. Everybody wants to you know. Be shocked or what have you had it? You know, if something bad happened, you're gonna make it worse. Let's go to Brad Middletown. Brad you're on the fan. Hey, buddy. How are you? All right. What's going on? Listen. I'm I'm happy. After Harper Machado go that would upset that whole that was upset everything maybe harbor. That would have made a big difference. Although lefty, bats out there that could be had like scooter Janette like Eric. You know, they can get one of those guys and they'll Songkhla dig gambling much on Greg. I. Gaveled the deal with Greg bird also known as Nick Johnson. I don't care if the potential their bottom line is entering had the full season been there. There's just too much to gamble on. Well, you know, I still like them. The problem is asking Ricky Ricardo over the weekend. If birds struggles during the spring and void spring struggles during the spring who's the first baseman. Yeah. That's true by Greg bird. Doesn't get hurt. I our give great Bernau white, but not that much of an edge. Right. But listen, I don't know I'm asking you about. Now, the James Dolan has all over the place that he wants to sell the Knicks. I think he's asked him Feist is three to four billion dollars. I was five. That's what it's worth. Now can owners own teams in different sports. Because big juicy the steinbrenners by the Knicks. No, I think they're happy with what they have. I don't think they do that about. See I keep saying he's going to sell the Knicks. First of all, why would you know what it's worth it could be worth up to five billion dollars. Why would you even entertain anything right now when you could get the number one pick, you could get Durant? You could get a Kyrie Irving that just boost the price. And if you don't if anal things don't happen thing is still worth five billion dollars worth five billion dollars. Because there was a history where guard. Yeah, come on. Not a history is it's it's it's the building its New York media capital of the world. Someone said the other day. How did how did how did the position has become a star in New York? Come back and reset the program right after this. Not to brag. But Buffalo Wild Wings is the official.

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