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But now that they especially like superhero movies. They put them at the end in. It means that you can use the characters from the movie in the sequence without it being a spoiler. And it's kind of fun now at fees kind of Fantasia on the theme of what we've just seen in the movie like just designed just the characters being used as design elements in ways is really cool. It's like every every super movie gets its own like JAMES BOND credit sequence. But they can use anything in the movie because they don't have to worry about tipping point. And the, and I should've mentioned JAMES BOND credit Cleveland says, which of course, are crazy or the way is there something about those. They're not doing super normal credit sequences. I mean, they're usually have lady silhouettes shooting abstract objects. Geometric bodies. This is from let's see Holly last name withheld the lightly, it's titled love, letters, Stuart Wellington. Oh, cool. I hope it some ex girlfriend Holly. Let's get down to business y'all just finished doing your life show in Madison, Wisconsin, it's kind of crazy that this absolutely be all responses as it was it's going to be released before. Got so many live shows get this medicine show. Anyway. First of all, thank you. Second of all Elliott. Dan, Stewart, please don't forget come back, Madison. When you have the chance site story, my roommates and I- pre game tonight with some very delightful green and copious amounts of Tito's, vodka cool. They pre game for popular concert, and I for life podcast taping before while none of my friends wanted to join me and seeing these show lame..

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