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Sidoo radio right here just pay attention is that right if you ever want to do radio it's it's right here is what you doing people take notes anymore I mean we're sitting here right now on offense I remember this was two times back to things I think about about fifteen I used to work for the university of Michigan and the department I was in I I reported to a woman who I got transferred over it's a long story but my boss the whole department at re organize and I'm reporting to a woman that at one point we weren't necessarily equals but we she didn't she was the boss of me I was the boss her but now she's the boss of me part of that dynamic so we should call these meetings of the cells in a in a three person accounting group if you will of softer lessons again anyway there be meetings in her office and she would always ask me why don't you bring a pencil paper take notes signal someone said it was a hearing here I'm it's all here he didn't like me at all and then I gotta tell you the real real this remains a wrote that one point I said to her you know it's always she got mad at me because I did something without asking her permission I I deposited a massive check for software purchase through up took it over to deliver whatever it was it was all done the proper the right way the way it's supposed to be done the way I did it before she's my boss anyway she said to me why didn't you come to me and let me know you were doing that and we got a thing I said listen you know the bottom line is is regardless it's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission all I wish I had a picture look on her face she was she was screaming anyway our that was then this is now not by the ironically I'd never forget America's Chrysler arena a whole bunch of people at the you were there for some type of a professional development B. S. thank and they have some general up there with people talk and rule was militaria any use that line that's a I forget who came up with that famous line it's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission because if you ask for permission a lot of times nothing gets done so I guess we could extend that out I don't think she attended that summer but I I think of that we extend that out because it was better to drive through Lansing and I piss off the governor and make a statement that it was to sit home and I at Gretchen can we drive to Lansing so on that note let's bring back I've done X. who was beat the crap out of me because she thought I was saying that that was a good thing to do is now is that correct yeah so you misunderstood me sister what I was saying is is that no it's always better to get up and do something absolutely but but where where I let's say skips believe the pack is what came out of that I'm just asking that question and I would advance that nothing came of that nothing where I'm sorry I'm talking in terms of swaying the governor our governor is still a fascist walked down I'll tell you what to do I know more than you and progressives always say that's how it should be that that drive through listing didn't sway her okay well what do you think probably not what do me probably not early she's doubling down yeah well and she painted a picture of everybody in Lansing on the second of god Rachel Maddow type of shows as the people there were crazy that **** flags they were done about it either we're good people sick because they were to gas stations I mean I'm not saying that that is any way that any reason anybody should should stand down but I never heard anybody come up ten point out that that by the way that **** flag if you knew this or not there was a **** flag there you know what it was it was photo shop that was a trump flag that somebody photoshopped with a **** flag on it and nobody stood up and said that what there was also the the fire chief made a comment on Facebook and said that there were no role big time delays like what she was stating he said it was a little bit slow but he said we got through it where everything worked out perfectly while we were there there was no hazard who nobody nobody blocked in the L. Virgin Islands I know no I listen I never said that that was something that was should have been done or do you know is a stupid it normal I'm saying though that when the rubber meets road when it's over when all the people organized to I know very well friends of mine when that happened when it all came down you could look to and say look at the the statement that the people of Michigan made it didn't sway Gretchen Whitmer she doesn't care about the people that are conservatives the we the thinking that's what was in that procession there ten thousand people ten thousand cars whatever it was but the bottom line is is that she still Gretchen and she still governor so now back to recalling her you're saying that if we recall her would have to have some kind of election to bring somebody else in and be governor correct and in your opinion do you think there be somebody in Michigan that would be able to be elected as governor that's conservative Patrick Colbeck maybe yeah good luck give him a governor now let's get let's talk reality okay do you think there's anybody in Michigan conservative that could be governor run for governor and get elected in the state I can't think of anybody I can't either I feel for you all right real quick let's talk about are you as a school teacher which we know you are sick and thank god that you are gay and give us all the information you've given us to expose a lot of stuff in that system what what's happening now in the school in the public school system that this is that were in lockdown R. well we are now they call it in phase two and phase two phase one they were just giving students an article to read and then they were supposed to answer a question about the article and write a short little essay of paragraph these two we have each subject has a template that they are sending to the students they have like a list of pages to read in the in the book a video and article to read a question to answer and then they write a short paragraph of that is going to carry us through to the end of the school year this is not great it is that seven per subject I mean like something that okay so something histories of the current events I think they do about math and science I'm sure and may I have the you have to do certain things as well but it's not exactly new material either it's just I feel good something to do to the end of school so in your opinion your professional opinion do you think that an entire year is being lost I mean a lot of people I know are using this to their doing it differently but they're still educated do you think in the public school system your neck of the woods at the years being lost are kids going to have to make up for others move on without this year now I think they're just gonna move on mon none of this counts and it's it's unfortunately I think it is as long as you're going to have to maybe do some remedial at the beginning of the school year next school year but.

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