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Our country and learn about all the rising percentages of depression, suicide, sin, crime, volatility in society, towards people who think differently than you, it becomes very clear, very quickly what the world needs and his name is Jesus. But it begins and ends. Not only in the word of God, but it begins and ends with you. Every single one of us hear this morning have a role to play. Every single one of us in this building this morning are integral to the furtherance of the congregation here at Lincoln park, but more than that, the universal kingdom of God. We all have to do our parts. And it starts with stepping out in faith. By sharing the word of God and by living out your faith and doing some of the things that I set forth as an example here this morning. Brothers and sisters as disciples of Christ we must all take the living word of God out into the world because God has said, go. And share. And teach and preach. And so I leave you with this this morning. When's the last time you've went? And you shared and you taught, when's the last Bible study you've had? When's the last time you sat down with the family member or a friend and had a Bible study? I know that most of the time people are going to say no. But that's why living your life as a Christian is so very important. But when's the last time you made an offer, I know many people will say no, but when's the last offer you made? With a family member, a friend or a coworker. I'm not talking about going out and talking to strangers. People you know. Ask yourself that question. Along with the last time I had somebody in my home with the express purpose to build a stronger bond with those individuals. Because brethren, that's where it begins. We are the living representatives of Jesus Christ. And he needs us to go into the world. He's done his part. Now it's time for us to do our part. Are you willing to stand up, share your faith in lip sacrificially for the kingdom of God? If you're hearing this message this morning, brethren, there's a challenge that has been set forth. And I pray to God that each of us accept that challenge. Because our eternal destination hangs in the balance. We will all stand before Christ Jesus. It tells us, and second Corinthians chapter 5 verse ten. And it says we will give an account of our lives. What do you want that account to read? You get to decide what Jesus sees. Brother, sisters, if you hear this morning and you need the prayers of the church, you can come forward this morning. We'll pray for you. It will help you in any way that we can. You may be may have been away from the church for a time. And you wish to be restored because you know you haven't been living for God. We know you haven't been living the Christian lifestyle and you want to make today the day that I start moving forward. You can come forward this morning and do that. We'll pray for you. And you may have not been a child of God. Yeah, you may have not come to Christchurch. You may not have been washed in the blood of the lamb. Well, you have an opportunity to be baptized this morning. For the forgiveness of your sins to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and God himself will answer to the kingdom as we come in as we stand and sing..

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