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Sean wade basket. But maybe Sean way can be a piece. And I want to talk about him as a player because I think this is a very Belichick light trade for a player that in 18 and 19 at Ohio State was playing mostly inside as a big nickel. Kind of in a Patrick Chung type of role. He plays inside and is one of the best DBs in college football in 18 and 19 playing that role in 20 they had to move him to the outside because Ohio State believe it or not finally got a little bit thin at outside corner. They tend to have guys in droves at that spot. But in 2020 they were a little bit thin and outside corner, they moved Shaun wade to the outside to make up for that. And he got exposed out there and it was very, very clear that he wasn't that type of guy. He wasn't a true boundary corner. He's a big nickel, a slot, a money backer, that type of player, a lot like a Jalen mills. I think is a nice comparison. Eric Rowe was another comparison that somebody throughout there on Twitter to me that I think is a decent comp for a guy like Shawn wade. Somebody that's probably more comfortable inside the formation, guarding tight ends, playing zones in the middle of the field and occasionally playing outside against maybe a number three receiver. But not against the other team's number one. And the national championship game when devonte Smith gave him stole his lunch money more than once. Yeah, somebody pointed out too. I guess he played some safety in Baltimore, so maybe he's the reason why I compared him to jaylen mills initially is because he's a guy that can move all around, right? That's right. Versatility is certainly one of his better traits. Yeah, I mean, I really liked him coming into the draft. I thought he was a fit item circled as a potential fit. The other thing and you kind of touched on this, he was considered a first round pick. Some people add him as a top ten pick. After the 2019 season and then obviously rough 2020, he starts playing out a position. He falls all the way to the 5th round and I try to find the quote earlier today. I couldn't find the exact quote,.

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