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Oil was floating in mid Air. The shining silver ball for while in front of me before flying up into the sky and disappearing instantly. I glance at my friend and notice that he was started by what he just saw. We bought stood shocked and speechless. Our burgers half eaten EILLY. Nothing you boom bowling silver. Did you see the ball of silver? I ask the vendor shook her head what ANA nobody. I didn't see anything was what it anyway. She said maybe it was just a spark from one of the miracle wears above us but we knew that what we saw was something out of ordinary. Wasn't Jesus Park but a shining silver flying well later when I graduated from college I begun to pander in earnest about that weird incident. I've told some of my psychic friend about it but even they can explain it. They say it could have been an orb or some sort of saint animals fire scene. Animals fire is a ball of fire. That usually appears during the night. It is said that it seems is is a dead soldier. Could the shining boil? I saw have been the sole of one of the soldiers executed during the World War Two. I still don't know.

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