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And looting going crazy occasionally get sprayed with pepper spray that's the real crisis according to Scarborough which you probably tells us from his mansion in Florida the round of early evening thunderstorms with a flash flood watch up into the evening storm prediction center swipe at risk for some severe weather to seventy degrees restores martinis heavy down pours water lightning high winds ninety degrees on Saturday and then a cooler tone of the forecast for Sunday Monday or early next week hi test your eighty degrees and nighttime lows in the upper fifties Sunday night in the suburbs you're sixty and tell the governor forecast tonight slow moving downpours seventy I'm salary more the weather channel on talk radio six eighty WCBS what's happened today this is what's happening three million jobs gains incredible WCM get the latest update he didn't begin with our check engine three four times today we rebuild renew and recovering back basketball of the season this is in fact exacerbate he is talk radio six eight W. C. B. M. hi I'm attorney Steven free as many of you know the law offices of Michael Friedman have been representing injured victims of auto accidents and other negligent acts for over thirty five years over the years we have learned that what really matters to our clients is getting back to health and resuming their lines our goal was to handle the obstacles that might prevent or slow down the recovery process.

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