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Got easier for me time because I've been here for for ten years now so it's got easier time but when I first started it was very alien to people and I was guessing it at starting with is very low shoot fee then up selling something that was sort of sometimes Tanno twenty times what beer they shoot fee he was and actually I did that for a while and I got to the point where I was probably doing twenty-five shoots a month which is exhausting and it's very hit and miss when you charge a low shoot fee and rely on up selling people don't always upsell people sometimes I'd get lucky with it and sometimes I didn't so my income for Phoenix dot with was Toki fluctuated and actually I've got to the point of it was the end of Twenty fifteen got to the point where I was working twenty four seven CBS doing all of these shirts and the income was not where I wanted it to be aware it should have been the amount of work harvesting and actually got to the point where I saw you know what I've actually had enough of this it's now because it's not a sustainable business model and at that point actually started working with a business coach and we went through my pricing model and basically doubled the initial initial shoot theon was charging and took kind of a lot of the product of out of that because her rationale which is the same thing I would say to my clients is that you've got ought to have a base shoot fee for every shoot you do that if your client doesn't spend any extra you'll find and you've got enough money from that shoot Ralph the banking on spending more because I think also if you're charging quite achieved shoot see you've got clients who were like let's cool I only only have to spend X. amount so it can be quite difficult to up sell people who are not expecting to have to buy more so yeah it was quite an interesting I had to really kind of take my business model with that where was your business mental by receive South African all from the UK now she's a British soccer names Paulie Alexander says she was a photographer turns coach so it was actually quite interesting working with her I like the fact that she'd been down the Saint Paul's me in South Africa no so she's UK k. based she sort of works of a digital nomad now but I knew she'd had the model of kind of running a successful photography business in the UK so it was that she really helpful to work to get my business really kind of a lot more streamlined here when you first hide her and she started telling you that you have to w prices and you need to change the way you doing things we we coming in with the answer hang on this is South Africa's different hand a little bit of a sort of said to you know I don't know if I can do that because I don't know if people are going to pay that and obviously I knew I had some people who would spending five six hundred dollars On extras from shoot so I knew it was possible it was not I haven't done it totally just it was possible on a very hidden kind of cross your fingers and hope these people buy mole so the possibility was there so it wasn't a turtle kind of title uncharted territory it was just a fact of putting the shoot the officer was actually pretty high but was quite terrifying they when we first did it I sat for six weeks with no bookings I had lots of enquiries requires and I sent stuff outs and I'd have people say oh no it's far too expensive and I remember sitting thinking this woman has killed my business I love it you did but it was also I was at the point I actually don't want to go back to charging what was charging because I wasn't making enough money and it was just kind of the whole thing was miserable so in Chiba sanctum it. You know you just go to sit tight and work on your mind sets and get yourself into a place where you actually believe in the the worst of what you're charging and then I kid you not literally six weeks off to put these prices apricot three bouquets in one day wow that's strange range and what was the reason why.

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