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Nonstop fetch up here, boys. Join me. It's a whole new world. I've never been more alive. It's pretty, so he's a pretty big dog, too. What kind of dog like a hound dog? It looks, he's got the German Shepherd like ears. Aw. He's so far up I can't really tell. But this shows the bias of the media. How so? Well, I mean now Josh is on board. It says maybe it should be something like firefighters rescue dog from perfectly executed squirrel maneuver. Yes. Or from the squirrels. Perspective. Evil dog. Yeah, yeah. Attempts to murder gentle squirrel. Gentle score hero. Rescued from evil dog. Still a good boy. He's way up there. I can see what they had to bring the fireplace. Yeah. Really, I have a squirrel that's been getting into my bird feeder. What do you want to do? Shoot it? No, no. I'll tap on the window and that one scared away. So now I have to step outside and it looks at me, and it doesn't leave until I go, get out of here. And then it leaves. Have you tried greasing the pole? There is no pull. No, no. He said he was outside. There is no poll. It's attached, it's just sitting on my windowsill. Oh. Well, that's the problem. No. It's incredibly accessible. It really isn't. What you need to do is I did this years ago. Here we go. You need to put a wire to a tree nearby. And then bring it back to your house and you have it on a pulley system. So you can send it. You can send it out and then bring it back. Here's the thing. You have no idea what you've accidentally unlocked. What I mean is it's too far away. I like to sit at my booth. You can still have it like ten feet away from your deck. And then it's dangling there and then the squirrels will go off. Now, in this case, the right there, the birds come up, I look at them. My cat loves them. The squirrel's reading. The squirrels. Birds ate the bird seed. No, no, these girls are eating birds. I think there's something wrong with okay. No. Right now. If you want to get your sweetie the perfect gift, I wouldn't recommend a bird sheeter. What would you recommend? Unless you're trying to break up, I would recommend something from Steven singer jeweler specifically, Perry. Perry winkle. Periwinkle is apparently a bird and also some kind of a sea creature, I guess. Yeah, you know, honey. I almost got you diamonds, but this is a Finch feeder. Yeah, don't do that. You can get diamonds or you can get the periwinkle, which is the latest flower, it's a gold dipped American Beauty rose, 24 karat gold to be precise from Steven singer jewelers. You can look at it. I hate Steven singer dot com and periwinkle we have determined as kind of a blue purpley, violet. Color. We were all aware. This is the new one. I was not aware of it. I'm just trying to enlighten their folks that aren't aware of what color Perry wearing. A few

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