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Got to worry about well. You mentioned something. That is another part of this. I mean deontay. Wilder has accused tyson fury of every cheating maneuver under the sun. He is accused ice and fury of being the biggest cheater in boxing. History point blank period. We know all eyeballs will be on tyson fury. When his hands are being wrapped like a- all there will be a lot of scrutiny. Even does even if you think it's all bullshit. There'll be a lot of scrutiny on tyson fury. If the same thing happens it's not going to be good for deontay wilder. It's just point. Yeah let me ask you this baraka. Here's so i'm a boxing. Hall of fame voter. And i was thinking about this the other day if deontay wilder loses to tyson fury and retires after that. I don't think he's a hall of famer i don't. He's had a long run as heavyweight. Champion but fury said this on social media this week like who have you beaten like dominic brazil is not a quality win. You beat luis ortiz twice. So you have to quality wins over the same guy. I don't know how you look at while there's resume and say he's worth. He's worthy of being in the hall of fame. Am i crazy. I see you. You're not you're not crazy. I think that's a very good question. I think is valid points. I can only say this. The wilder was a champion before joshua he was a champion actually before fury. People don't realize that he won the title before fury beat klitschko. So he was. He's our long standing champion five legitimate years and one month. He was heavyweight champion of the world. And it's not his fault that literally. He fought whoever was available and was lobbying to get the anthony. Joshua if i you know in the beginning now no no no no no. That's that's years later chris. I'm talking about two thousand sixteen. Two thousand seventeen. He was the one that was being blackballed that ball. He wanted to fight. He wanted that fight and he couldn't get it after he got with theory. He's like man. I'm not trying to see joshua. I'm not saying us writer role that's just feeling like if you've been blackballing me all this time now. Don't wanna fight him. You know who else did that will spent keith. Thurman i'm not fighting you. Because what i wanted to fight you. You don't wanna fight some. Everybody else does that. Mean he's scared of keith thurman no he just wants to do them dirty now because he felt like he was done dirty and that's what the day was five years champion. You can't be mad at a guy that everybody available. But i'm not saying those guys that he thought should give into the hall of fame and that's that's going up all be said rock. I totally agree with everything is still doesn't get you a whole. I agree with you. i agree with you. I gotta cut you off bit. stop bernstein. Does.

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