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Rangers get the puck back rider press performance. Foster will take it back into the red lion. Dumbed down deep and find to look at chase around Tyson. Berry all had to stay inside the trapezoid replace it around blocked by the Rangers. Kreider take the check from Nathan MacKinnon MacKinnon, stick pink L. No call. Rangers have the puck in the near corner. Play back towards the point taken away by Meco Renton into onto onto McKinnon conjoining. Can here's gave Lindskog in the far corner frozen fruit? And it's a save me by Lundquist rebound to the point though. It's Nikitas adore off any thought too far ahead the puck bounced over his stick Avs after stay on side. They can Nathan McCain was trying to get out of the zone, and he was interfered with he ran into. Brady shea right at the blue line answer. Offside the faceoff will be just outside the ranger blue line. Tutu Abson Rangers eleven forty one to go here in period, number three answer. One for three on the power play that gold taken away from Tyson Josephine given to Gabriel Landis Gog Joe slow getting assist. So guy into Scott two points in this game. Is he? The assist on Nathan MacKinnon goal is. He said a new franchise record for goals to begin the season ends looking for the lead. Now Alexander Kerr foot inside arranger territory taken away from him by mats, zuccarello yours. Hi pass. Big hit put on by in coal. Of hito alpacas in the corner. To the point now for coal. He'll wind the far side for Nimit. They'll throw toys and that it's wide. Stick side of Henrik Lundqvist backhand pass from per foot now for con Wilson. Joe's making a move towards jobs to the far corner. Proton Wilson you'll hold hold part circle in the slot for Alexander Kerr foot long is coal Pinson, and they'll switch positions with Joe wack down to the ice in coal had to get back. Where he came from Tyson. Joe says the tag up if he has the puck away from the Rangers the blue line and will go back and retrieve and then exhausted second line to the Avs is able to get off the ice. Circum shea across his own blue line. Intercepted by Sheldon dries around. Gabriel. Bork drives keeps himself he'll fire easy safe for Henrik Lundqvist cabin Evan. The far corner centering his fourth line for the app grows in drizzle shoot took it to flex it on the way through and it couldn't get all the way on Henrik Lundqvist good forward pressure now by the apps here in this third period. Sunday, we're not able to do in the I would say first half of this game and a much different third period. So far as the Rangers are guilty of icing. We'll get a face off inside their zone. Day after every avalon's. Get fifty percents off your regular menu-priced pizzas using promo code apps. Papa John's dot com. Hopefully, you'll be able to use that coming up tomorrow. The can break the deadlock to to with the Rangers. You're Madison Square Garden. New York said face off to the right of one by the ass and Garard spins it around looking for Nathan MacKinnon down low intercepted by the Rangers. And Neil, you'll take a hit on the inside the Landis got down deep, but it rolls right on singing bar lov, no icing. Rangers were able to get a change. Come Sam Durant across the blue line hit center. Still was Pete, Sandra. Art off the backboard looking to make a play pause right for Nathan MacKinnon. But he can't get to it fast enough taken away by quieter and the New York Rangers zuccarello Brennan Smith Kleiner along the side sideboard so dumbed down veep and give chase gave land is God he's hidden his own zone, but Paul's ripe for Nathan MacKinnon back pass from him is Erin, but it's picked up by Eric Johnson. The Condor source into the Rangers end, Eric Johnson. Stick handles into the far corner. Foreigner number one pick overall with the Saint Louis blues is able to get down deeper the Rangers intercept and Tyson Barrie has to go retrieve inside his own by some berry gets around the four check. Yes. Lose control on it momentarily in the nearside circle. Put the Avs at man pass Matt Calvin it's off.

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