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Coronavirus cases in LA county and the Ventura county church welcomes the public on Palm Sunday I'm Jim Stevens the stories coming up after CBS covers the world it's ten o'clock CBS news on the hour your home for original reporting on that paper in Washington this weekend members of the president's coronavirus task force warned Americans in some parts of the country where the virus is spreading to avoid even going to the pharmacy and the grocery store but then tonight president trump said he saw the light at the end of the tunnel CBS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy this is going to be a bad week on face the nation Dr Anthony Fauci said deaths will increase in the days ahead we are struggling to get it under control but by last night's White House briefing a sunnier view we are beginning to see the glimmers of progress I see light at the end of the tunnel Dr Deborah Burke pointed to data from tests in New York day over day they're percent positive is finally starting to decline but elsewhere Burke said the spread continues deaths from corona virus are a lagging indicator Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington around the world numbers continue to be grim though there are some glimmers of hope correspondent Elizabeth Palmer is at the foreign desk in Spain a pop up hospital in Madrid's conference center has a thousand acutely ill patients the country has the second largest number of cases in the world after the United States but at last some good news but it's not easy to prime minister Pedro Sanchez announced he is almost over and in Italy to the rates of infection and death have flattened while there is well this is a time of severe hardship for many one woman in Los Angeles has one hundred ten reasons to celebrate CBS is Jamie you kiss Hey Mendelssohn dressed up and put on her lipstick to celebrate her hundred and tenth birthday but the party attendees had to get creative using an iPhone and front glass window we threw the best party we could go over under the circumstances first son Errol Bender hopes his mom is a beacon of hope during this dark time born in nineteen ten William Howard Taft was president Ruth lived through World War one end to the Great Depression and the Spanish flu of nineteen eighteen fired by president trump the inspector general who received the impeachment whistleblower's complaint last year maintains he did nothing wrong in a statement just released CBS is a live via gaseous Atkinson statement comes after president trump in a briefing on Saturday called him a disgrace and said he believed he had done a terrible job with the whistleblower complaint lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have raised concerns about Atkinson's removal and I've called on the administration to offer more clarity on its reasons for doing so there are three hundred thirty seven thousand confirms U. S. coronavirus cases at this hour and ninety six hundred deaths this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app download it today to get the latest news on the coronavirus watch newsmax TV and make sure you vote in newsmax is national poll asking Americans if they support president trump's handling of the crisis you can vote in newsmax is national poll and show your support for president trump on your phone just text the word book.

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