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I also want to give a big shout out to Jake Gallon the host of the guest list podcast for having me on his podcast to chat. Jake is a vegas local WHO's doing a kick ass job of sharing the stories of the people of Las Vegas, and I was honored to be invited on for a conversation. If, you want to check it out for yourself I'll post a link to the episode in the show notes. All right. Here we go onto the show. Anyone who's ever spent time in Las. Vegas has probably heard someone say Vegas was better when it was run by the mob, but just how accurate is that statements? My guest for this episode decided to find out with his own podcast. Read Redmond is the host of mobbed up the fight for Las Vegas a new eleven part true crime podcast from the Las Vegas Review Journal, produced in partnership with the mob museum. Mobbed up takes a deep dive into the history of organized crime in Las Vegas and tells the story of the rise and fall of the mob with the help of the people who lived it. Read had the chance to talk with law enforcement officials, journalists who covered the stories, lawyers, judges, historians, and even one of the most famous connected guys to grace. The streets of LAS. Vegas former Chicago outfit and hole in the wall gang member Frank Lada. Talked about the inspiration behind mobbed up, having the opportunity to work with the mob on this project when it was like driving around for hours on end with a legit criminal and much much more. Please, enjoy my conversation with read Redmond. I'm pretty new to Vegas here just past a year. And, that is exactly how new I am working newsroom to I've worked for a couple of other podcasts before this. But I moved out to Vegas to join the Las Vegas, Review Journal, and to produce podcasts with them. So he kinda revamped podcasts running before I. got here. We sort of revamped on expanded on now. I. Don't get this wrong, but I, think we out six weekly podcasts. And mobbed up our second narrative project in kind of our our biggest effort to date in that arena But going back to sort of how I got started in podcasting. Think, it's it's one of those things i. Was Kinda by chance there when I was in Undergrad I was studying creative writing and I applied to MFA programs and thought it'd be you know writing poems in some way shape or form professionally. Hopefully. Right? If anyone has ever done that My last semester of college and Undergrad just happened to be podcasting elective that fit my schedule and I took it and I loved it and I was like there's no way. This could be a job. Head after I graduated, I ended up deciding. I. Didn't want to go and do an MFA program poetry and applied for a podcast Gig and then. End Up working in podcasting. So you were saying you came specifically to to Vegas to work for the Review Journal and be there they're podcasting Guru Kinda Guy when you got to Las, Vegas, and I always kind of like to ask this question of the people that that have moved to Vegas. I'm assuming you probably had some preconceived notions about what the city was like, what were some of those those ideas in your head of what life in Las Vegas was going to be like versus maybe a year later, what it's actually like for you. I had not been Vegas as an adult before i. Came, here for my interview, actually I was here when I was maybe four or five years old with my family. So I only memory of Las Vegas was. My brother, and I had one plastic swords at Excalibur and annoyed the heck out of our parents with them. And that was really that was all I knew about Las Vegas and. I applied for this job. I knew I wanted the job I was like is it is it worth moving there will, but it actually be like and. I kinda just tried to come into it with a blank slate and just say, let's let's give it a go and see how it goes and. I've actually I've loved it. I, was so pleasantly surprised moving here and I think that's that's something that a lot of people at move your say other surprised by how much of a local community there is and how great the city is outside of the Strip outside of Fremont street not that I don't enjoy going to the stripper Fremont Street but. Yet. Yeah. It's kind of a surprising year, but something I definitely enjoyed. So what you're saying is you don't live in a hotel. You don't work on the Strip, you're not not. I live at the top of Caesar's. Palace. Actually, I live I live downtown, and it's the cool thing about that is I couldn't afford to live downtown unlike any other US city I, mean, there's probably a few, but I moved here from Chicago and I definitely couldn't afford to live downtown Chicago. So it's it's cool to live downtown here and I'm right next to the Fremont Street experience if I want that But if I don't also right next to you know full under cool restaurants and cafes and all those kinds of things very cool and and you mentioned living. Living in Chicago One of the fun things about jobs like this that that I I know I learned from my time in radio is you get to bounce around and live in a few different places What are some of the other spots in the US that you've you've lived if you always been more so have you ever been out west, it's been all midwest I I grew up in Minnesota, and then I went to college in Chicago at Loyola University..

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