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And only our good buddy. Jon Heyman. Hello, John. Is John Eyre. We have John Hello. How are you doing? Johnny Adair. I'm here. How are you, Joe? Oh, my John. I'm so happy. You know, Avery, I have very mixed feelings this weekend, very upset that the Mets are playing this weekend. Avery. I understand. Of course, I know it doesn't kill me that they're not playing the Yankees, which I, you know, especially getting the Yankees now in our world Bank up might be the time to get him. But I'm never happy about playing the Yankees, but well, you know, they're going to make these games. I know. I know. I know and maybe seven inning double head is maybe that's what it's going to be. Yeah, absolutely. Let's bullpen my play to their advantage. Well, let me let me ask you. Let's talk about that. The situation with luego because to may the other night, Michael Conforto bill, the bail the organization out with that home run. I mean, you can not, and I understand. I understand the situation with the rotation. Everybody all these guy. Everybody's banged up the whole deal here, you know, to drive just coming back from an injury that you know you got walk out. You know everything that's going on with the Mets. Peterson's out. All it is Okay, But you can't in the middle of the year Take in a 60 game season. All of a sudden say Okay, said Lou goes in the rotation. And you know you're killing the back end of your bullpen. What do you think about that? I'm with you. I wouldn't do it. Lou goes your best reliever than your best reliever last year he is this year. You know, it's nice in a way that he's rewarded, and I'm sure everybody brother being the rotation almost everybody and he's one that would but Better for the team. If he's in the pen mats. I understand he had a few rough ones, and but he's never good in Philly. I think For them to win. You're gonna have to have match pitch well and pitching the rotation, so give up on him. Now. I think it's the wrong move. Well, he's been horrible or Johnny. I will say this. I mean, Matt's has been terrible this year. I mean, he's given up a lot of home runs. I mean, he just has not been good. I mean, I'm not saying I don't disagree with you saying about him in the rotation. Miami has been very bad job. Well, you know, I think he only giving up one hit through the first four innings in Philly, and he's never good there. I I understand. He is not good, but they're not gonna win with a diminished pen and Having met out of the rotation. They need mats to do. Well. I mean, maybe he won't end up doing well, if you keep him in there, But if you if you take him out, he certainly was not gonna be part of the rotation. So you know I'm with you. I think Lugo's better off in the pen and I think this diminishes depend for sure. And maybe it'll help the rotation a bit. I will see. But now we're diminishing The pen, Which is, you know, obviously was trouble early in the year. So I'm worried about this movie. Whose call? Do you think this was his Brody's? Could I I can't believe this is RoHaas is cool. I think there's got to be van wagon is cool with luego you've got. I'm kind of with the I don't know that. I think Brody is the one with the juice and then we've got a rookie manager. You know, I feel like it probably Billy was there not tell us that and then it will ever find out. But I think your guess is probably good. Ondas far the situation with the Mets. Are you hearing anything that maybe they would play a double headed? I know the Yankees. I asked their bonus. The Yankees air and the Mets are off Monday. The hearing anything about that they may be able to play Monday. Do you know anything about that? I just know that they feel comfortable canceling these proposed born in this game, just because you know, these two teams are both in New York, and they will be able to make them up somehow on DH. They don't I am opposed to doing doubleheaders. So ah Ah, it could well be dividers. Yes. Have you heard anything lately? Before we get to Yankees and older injuries? Have you heard anything about the ownership situation with the mess? I I know It's basically down to just 33 groups. If you will. What did you hear Anything new here, John? Well, I mean, my belief is I know some people kind of suggested that a Rod is the favorite. I've seen. Others say Steve Cohen is I mean, I think ultimately it will come down on money. I'm sure that Jeff Wilpon wasn't thrilled with the way things went with Steve Cohen. Previously but my belief and I have heard that Fred and Saul are interested in getting the best deal on DH. So I'm not goingto assume that Steve Cohen is out of it based on the fact that Jeff isn't thrilled with him, So you know he has the most money as we've said all along. It may come down to what the other owners think any 23 owners out of the other 29 to support and You know? Ah, both of these guys they rot and Cone obviously got some issues in the past. I do think MLB doesn't mind the fact that they like to get some minority ownership in there. I think they probably like J. Lo may balance out a rod to some degree. But you know, it could come down to the owners of the other owners and a rod. That sweet talker and he's only convinced some, um my belief is that J. Ryan's office still has some power. Eyes clearly in a rod's corner that may help him. I think, interestingly enough that the Yankees would not be in a Rod's corner. Based on the history there, and I don't think they mind having Steve Cone and well, a lot of people are going to say that owners the other owners won't like it because he's got $15 billion approximately..

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