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Advances. Fox's Tanya J. Powers as details live, Dave, the third accuser tells The New York Times that the governor touched her back and face and ask if he could kiss her just moments after they met at a wedding in 2019. Two other women who used to work with him. It already come out, accusing him of sexual advances and saying they were forced to change jobs or leave state government. In a statement, the governor said he quote he only meant to joke with staff to quote add levity to their serious work. Calls for Cuomo to resign have intensified as the state attorney general investigates the accusation. State Tony FBI director Christopher Wray will testify the Senate this morning about the deadly January Capitol attack expected to be brought up. Some law enforcement leaders, like former Capitol police chief Steven Son said They didn't get Intel on the attack, even though the FBI field office in Norfolk, Virginia, had put out a report the day before. That report suggested protesters headed to the Capitol were ready for war. Fox is chill NATO the Supreme Court Today we'll take up a voting rights case out of Arizona challenging to election laws. They're the Johnson and Johnson Covert vaccine may start being shot into arms Today, I strongly urge everyone in America that you get the first vaccine that is available to you when it is your turn. Dr. Marcella Noumea Swift heads up the White House coveted Health equity task force. The one does Johnson and Johnson version isn't quite as effective his visor Madonna's to AH, Mass kidnapping. Your deal in Nigeria is over the governor of Nights. Trias Sam Farha State, says 279 girls kidnapped from a boarding school last week have all been released. 15 emotional family reunions lady.

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