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You're listening to KCRW this is morning edition I'm Kim masters and this is the Hollywood break down joining me as Matt Bellamy of The Hollywood Reporter and Matt partly because of reporting that I have done extra is facing what what we call a very bad week first of all this had nothing to do with me Mario Lopez all on his own gave an interview to conservative commentator Candace Owens in which he expressed some views about how parents should treat children who may or may not be trans gender and that's the story one and then there's a story about the fourteen year extra co host to AJ Calloway who has finally parted ways with the show which is produced by Warners after months and months and months actually after serious sexual misconduct allegations against him but let's start with merry Lopez yeah I mean he basically said that it is dangerous to make a determination of gender at a young age for a child which caused a lot of backlash me this is another chapter in the on going you know celebrity says dumb thing has to apologize we we get out rates and then move on the next day the more interesting stories the AJ Calloway story because this is an instance where someone who literally was arrested for sexual assault the case was later dropped and had multiple allegations against him over months and months and months finally has parted ways with the company and the question I have is one eight what took so long and be what was the final straw so to speak that because that Warner brothers to act yes what we initially reported OB that sexual assault allegation that where he was arrested we reported it happened in two thousand six we reported it last year at and the case was dropped but on procedural grounds it was never prosecuted or sorted out and then you know that we publish that and multiple women over the course of months as you say came forward we finally and other publications printed allegations against him as well notably the daily beast we finally were ready for the story in June of last year in June two thousand eighteen that he with multiple rape allegations and women who had gone to the police in three different states at at least one and probably two of those are still active those investigations Warners had resisted doing anything initially they wouldn't comment at all this is the show they obviously produced the show they wouldn't say anything then they said well we have had no complaints about him on the job when we published our story last June they suspended him shortly before we published and said they were going to investigate further so that was when he was sort of the this investigation began but they wouldn't really comment and tell us the results and finally the initial accuser had him arrested she started tweeting earlier this week at John Stanky the head of Warner media saying well what is going on with this thing and that seems to have done it finally yes it's telling that the Warner brothers lawyer reached out to this accusers lawyer hours after she started tweeting at the CEO of the company and lo and behold there's a statement ready from Warner brothers saying yes we parted ways with this guy so we don't know exactly when this happened but why did it take a year at least for this company to make this kind of a decision about about someone who they claim they were investigating in June of twenty eighteen yeah I would just say the larger story here is on multiple stories that I have reported companies have known of allegations credible ones that we haven't yet gotten to publish and done nothing for months and months on end on and only when it becomes public and an embarrassing it doesn't really seem to come to any kind of conclusion and I have to say in this case it got really have to get really embarrassing thank you Matt thank you that's Matt Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood reporter he joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business I'm Kim masters and this is the Hollywood break down and you are listening to KCRW.

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