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And justice. Tonight lays the cord. Opinion. Next turns the problem of what did you initial rose should be. It's all statistical measurement and statistics never really mean anything. The only thing that actually ever means anything in a human life is what actually happens. Fade to black. An epigraph emerges. Consider God's handiwork who can straighten what he hath made crooked. Ecclesiastes TS seven, thirteen. This is life of the law. You are listening to episode one, thirty, four. A second epigraph. I not only think that we will tamper with mother nature. I think mother wants us to Willard, Galen. You're listening to Katy Murphy who is an audio. Describe her that someone who describes films for people who are blind or visually impaired fade to a blue background. The opening credits roll with each G A T and see bolted every name and title in the background fingernail clippings in strands of hair fall with a dull thud flakes of dead skin, drift down, like snowflakes as the title of peers. Gatica. Whenever I to someone who is unfamiliar by what they want to talk about talking for a few minutes. The first thing that someone says Gatica, though soggy obesity is a professor of bioethics at UC Berkeley and a regular contributor to our in-studio conversations. He's also on the board of life of the law Assange organized to screenings of the film Gatica followed by panel discussions. I'm Tony Gannon life of the laws, senior producer indium, associate producer, Andrea Hendrickson. He invited us to attend and we brought our recording equipment. These screenings were put on by the center for genetics and society, as well as the Haas institute for fair and inclusive society at UC Berkeley organizations that Assange works with per their website. The center for genetics and society works to encourage responsible uses effective governance of human genetic and assisted reproductive technologies. Gatica a sci-fi film set in the not so distant future was released. Just a little over twenty years ago in nineteen ninety seven although. Although it was a mainstream movie with a big budget, well known actors and was produced by a major studio that has been used as a teaching tool and the science and bioethics communities since it was released. Let's go back to win. This movie was first released in nineteen ninety seven. I was a senior in high school. I distinctly remember writing papers by hand since my school was just a little behind in terms of the PC revolution that was emerging four dollars and fifty. Nine cents would have got new a movie ticket, and I have a memory of my biology teacher telling students that developments in bio engineering would wore the digital revolution. We were beginning to experience mind you. This was before laptops were the norm before I phones and pads of course, and here's this movie Gatica that was seen past all of that into the future. Bioengineering. Biomedicine and genetic. Research as a whole. The main character Vincent played by Ethan Hawke was born without the intervention of geneticist in the film's universe. He was the product of a dying trend of children who were conceived naturally. Never understand what possessed my mother to put her faith in God's hands rather than those of her local geneticist Meany everything was left to chance as the Seidel influence pushed parents to conceive with the aid of genetic technologies using what we now commonly referred to as a cystic reproductive technology. He and others like him referred to in the film as invalid 's while the newly altered majority came to be known as valid and thanks to the future of genetic research that the movie predicted everything known about us biology. Now only seconds exact time cause of my death was already known. Logical conditions, sixty percent probability, manic depression, forty-two percent probability, attention deficit disorder eighty nine percent probability heart disorder. Ninety nine percent probability, early fatal, potential life expectancy, thirty point two years. Vincent's life is predetermined. For my brave talk. I knew it was just that no matter how much I trained him, which I studied the best test score in the world wasn't gonna matter had the blood test to go in. So that changes position life. He has to assume someone's identity and most significantly another person's DNA that of Jerome gene, moral. Guys practically can live forever got an IQ off the register better than twenty twenty and both is the heart of hawks. One throat wall. If you could still run since Vincent is perceived as having what some people would consider genetic anomaly at birth, making him an invalid. This predetermined says position society from schools, he attends to the type of employment. He's able to get.

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