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Are you an ma fan at all i know i'm wrestling fan but i'm not really into the did you start watching wrestling and when i was a kid now grew grew up in your back lynn cycle back to those days yeah man yeah and then all the way through junkyard dog and sargent slaughter iron sheik and hogan and do those back when everybody had a chemic you know you know it was like the whole dressing room was a star i mean i'll everyone of the gas and some type of character that was super developed and super over and you know it's not so much like that anymore do you ever go to any land that's one once in jersey yeah to one of the wrestling events there i actually opened for rowdy roddy piper ones because we're doing his stand up comedy storytelling thing to man which is really interesting that was at a convention in atlanta and yeah he was really nice man they rest in peace now but that was really cool and i'm trying to work out to go on tour with jake the snake because he's out doing stand up storytelling thank god dang man jacob have you ever met him never met him no fanning yeah he's gone through some hard times and he has gone through smart times and one of the things i liked about jake i remember i was down in south texas riding around him a ranch and dallas calming think they'd done to thing together duty yoga jake is starting to get pretty clean and i was talking to him because jake had an amazing run but if you remember his matches i mean he was very efficient and the ring he didn't do a bunch of stuff but what he did mattered and like man what a run ours promos he'll always talk you'll pretty damn quiet and yet really shut up to listen to jake because i mean you were going to drop your volume because you want to hear what he had to say you always had that style and so the runny had i said god named jake i said menu you or your so damn good you and he really helped me out come up with austin three sixteen thing at one time when i was working with him in.

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