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For us it's just been the key like week and then again it's it's also this in this idea of you always sort of to be with that person and hang out with that person like we could have the normal earliest fight and not even come to a conclusion with it but we just get too tired and were is like a you wanna go like make some popcorn and watch movie or something like you distil you still want to hang out with them after you put all the fighting aside and that that why is like that one mean which one the one me i think the honor sulaiman kansan did to me when they're like this is totally me say it was like the honor in inflight looking away added flake when you're really take off as someone but he's still late love them as the big in its like looking away but it has its finger pointing towards the person's leg touch in like hold of yeah yeah and sky it's going to like that so that yeah in a nutshell that's that's where i would tell anybody has meet our relationship successful at a very simplistic level is that best friendship but there again is so in something will go into really quick and then we'll us down and we could do whole episode on the next thing where you're about to talk about but we have um nick could to sound a little uh little cheesy no allied what that we do have a system sort of involved in our relationship to that does help us stay on on track it's true um so there we have something called our shield and this is something than i have set up for our relationship back when we were first right when we were engaged first overstating oh when we were first dating um and it is essentially a listing our core values for our relations yet will it's a list of sort of danbury of tenants really in our relationship well and we call them are our standards and we call it the shield because this is that she.

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