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And for some reason i don't know how to do this but i thought we were going to be done hanks manage to get jim brock meyer in the studio so it's a huge get here's jim proctor okay let's great news i don't know how heynckes area pulled this up jim brock bars now with us here on sinophile jim it is great to see you again well thank you is a big fan of u n and i've had a few that sound okay the voice i love it yeah and even though both your first and last name sound like they were autocorrect fails that your parents just went with but i still enjoy the gym i often get adman burke people often think that's actually do feeling iris maybe you blame you're right with the navy's that close it can be a little bit tricky glad that you know me because i know you're on you cry when i know you bennett bennett packs you i love here in the booth and your style and delivery and i love it you know the we rebel to transmit the game where do you think the game of baseball is now jim you've seen so much is it a good place well you know no it's not in a good place and vert i mean everybody's putting a lot of pressure on this otani to save baseball yeah but i think if that's on fair but it is absolutely necessary because sport is dying i'm liz face it four hour games do just standing around watched exclusively by napping old men i mean instead of reaching out the fans baseball is doubling down just poke in them in the eye every time they watch so the future to game it is it's an attorney's blistered prone hands so i'm shocked to hear you be this candidate jim 'cause i would think you'd be defensive about the game and supporting instead you're admitting that this is a game which is passed by the young generation know in needs otani needs me quite frankly these guys like me you get blackout drunk by inning number six and you don't know what they're gonna say that was a sport need can you tell me the last game sober.

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