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We better we're we're gonna. I'm gonna keep those unless you want to. I want to but we can't yeah. Exac eighties was just say that the eighties was the pinnacle for cannon films. Many films jess in the zeitgeist. Yes we can. Just run down the names of these movies. Yeah sure Rapin you wanna go in with break dancing so you have rapid as well. Mario van peebles and eric with saw Lifeforce thunder alley. Oh invasion usa. Death wish three runaway train king. Solomon's mines king solomon's mines That had sharon stone and it really was a. I mean that's where they really started mimicking all these You know you couldn't say they had their finger on the pulse. But i think maybe through like hollywood gossip or something they were constantly eli. It almost seems like they had spies working on this where okay. This is going to be hot this year. Let's get in there and you know. Make this movie and undercut the this bigger one. That's coming out so try to beat it to the theater at beat to the punch. Yeah so like you know king. Solomon's mines is obviously indiana jones and or Romancing the stone you know yes. There is a clear duplicate to these movies Successful ones for almost all of them. Oh yeah but the cobra so we we already started getting around silvestre stallone. They start getting these names and they start pushing as many movies as possible. Alan quartermaine last city. A goal is nineteen eighty six a year after king. solomon's mines. I mean they were really pumping these things out one after another those movies i mean even as a kid with like i'm going to see nudity for sure always like am i going to watch that. Oh man i don't know it looks so dumb and like the special effects are just insane like you can see like the tearaway kind of what whatever they were using for green screen back then You know where what is the. Uh oh the actor that plays alan quartermaine Just had him there. Richard chamberlain richard chamberlain. So yeah he's like a poor man's you know charlton heston or just those movies are just like so awful so bad. I remember watching if not both of these at the theater. I assume that you were accompanied by an adult. Yeah lost city of god. Is that the first or the second one Alan quartermaine law city goal was the second one and it said it was made on and i wonder how they made their money back. The first ones that was made like on twelve million in it made fifteen million. They actually started pumpkins and money in these movies. Yeah second one was made in thirteen million dollar budget and grossed three point seven million. That's where they couldn't really read the writing on the wall where they had a hit then they try to recreate it and it's just the moment is gone. You know you've already. But i mean that cast richard chamberlain sharon stone james earl jones in re selva Cassandra peterson is odd. As the she's the villainous and very the stuff they have her wearing is like. I'm gonna see elvira with her natural hair in some wild get up you know and it is so like concert not conservative..

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