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All Right Ronnie followed unfinished business with the critically acclaimed. She talks to rainbows, a nine, hundred, ninety, nine, set produced by her good friend Joey Ramone. Who provided support as she recovered from? You know that traumatic marriage with Phil Spector. She continued to tour through the end of the nineteen nineties in two, thousand and three. The original Ron Nets sued full specter for withholding royalties owed them for their songs winning three million dollar settlement So good? Also in that year two, thousand and three. Fill was imprisoned for the murder of the actor Lana Clarkson in his home. was in those home in. He's in jail for her murder Yup I. Remember when it happened. in two thousand seven, the Ron were inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame. In the five decades since Ronnie walked into a recording studio, she's contributed to well over a hundred and fifty records, including eighty top forty hits, and a handful of singles that are among the greatest records ever made. The biography website in two thousand fourteen wrote this about Ronnie. Through her though her life has certainly not being perfect, Ronnie Spector in the Ron s will always be remembered for perfectly capturing the explosive intersection of girl, power, teen, angst and social freedom of the nineteen sixties. She still performs and shows no signs of slowing down. Ronnie says I. Don't do regrets and I ain't bitter as I get older, I think. Maybe everything in life was meant to be the way. I look at it I'm still here. I'm still seeing people still love my voice and I made some great pop records song that people hold in their hearts. Their whole lives ain't. Nobody can take that away from me. She is the best man that's the story of Ronnie Spector Oh. My God that was so good. What an incredible woman and like wouldn't insane story. I'm so glad that she got out of there when she did and. was able to rebuild her career and do what she loves so much to do again and they're so inspiring. Yeah I mean. The first time I read it. I flew through it and then. Typing it up. I enjoyed it so much. Glistening to every single artist in piece of music that she mentioned in, it was like. Incredible and yeah, so that's that's a story of survival. Ronnie Spector fucking. Awesome that was wild and yeah. You picked great music choices. This is I think one of my favorite episodes especially for? The the music and the story. She's just amazing. You presented perfectly. Thank you for that. I think it looks like it's going to be one of our longer episodes that we've ever put out, too. But how can they leave any of that out exactly like? that's that that's it for this week, everybody. We hope you liked it. Yes. and. We're here for we're talking again, so please keep keep talking with us to. And we'll see you next time. Music is produced by Shantelle new and links, leary, and is part.

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