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Quality most skilled craftsman in the industry that does it for the third quarter of the fourth quarter about to begin. Hey, mini basketball plants are on sale now men's basketball. Nice win last night against Harvard. The smart guys, my revenge tour continues would beat browbeat up Brown who. That was not good enough to go to their school seventeen to seven Ford island get along situation here in Austin is going to go down inside the thirty yard line back at the twenty eight. So it's going to be third and all for the university Rhode Island. Then we beat Harvard in football another team that the school that decided I wasn't quite good enough. And then we came back, and I wasn't satisfied with the the Lincoln that we gave over bring on the basketball team smart guys will be them to. Okay. It'd be the last night on a last second shot by fats. Russell three point shot with two minutes. Two seconds to go not bad. Right. Seven or something like that. Yeah. Oh, man. He had been, you know. Eight and the game. Yeah. One free teen is last two games does not lack confidence. I'll tell you that. Boy, he's got it. What a great kid. So Brian brings you to the right side across the forty yard line of the forty one. A flag is down in the backfield. Though. It's going to be a holding on the offensive line. I would think that show McDonnell would want this football back. Yes. In punting situation. So he probably decline this. Although I see him right now pointing that he's going to take it loves his yards. But you're right. I mean rounds and a third and twenty four and didn't pick up a ton of yards. But is looking at the field position. And when I finally get this thing back because they'd be able to punch it in exactly because you know, they're having trouble moving the football. And you look this half that New Hampshire's done a really good job of moving the football. In Rhode Island. Punting game isn't the best in you know, in this league. So they put them take the yardage back and see if they can get pretty good field position to make this a a one possession game. If they could third down thirty three Ford island coach, what do you have any playbook for third and thirty-three hand often? Punt. Watson the quarterback is going to hand off fumbled the ball underneath. And it looks like New Hampshire might have it. That wasn't in the plan. No. Just look like you got punched out read at the line of scrimmage right there in the ball is going to be recovered by New Hampshire at about the twenty two yard line. That's the saddest thing. Because I mean, you're not really even looking to necessarily gain yards. You need thirty three. Right. So just secure the football. Just make sure that it doesn't that doesn't happen. And to kick it away. And if you happen to find a whole take where you can.

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