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In the time, it took for the first writer to write their first blog. Unassisted was about six weeks. The second time around is about seven days and the reason why is they could follow step by step and I cannot tell you so like for me sometimes like nails on a chalkboard just oh my gosh time consuming but the amount of time you get back not only in what it is that I'm doing in my life I don't check my emails for more than ten or fifteen minutes now because that's a process, my sister does that she's amazing. With regards to the writing. And hiring somebody not only writing but just hiring somebody imagine how much quicker we can have them up to speed with a system in place rather than without a system and the kicker of everything is Talk About Valuation for Your Company, making, yourself replaceable is the ultimate and so many people have a problem with that for me if I can outsource something or get something off of my desk, that is not what I consider to be a high level activity talking to Uragan doing something like that I. Don't WanNa, do that task because that prevents me from actually scaling the company and thinking at a higher level thirty thousand foot view researching new ideas and trends and stuff like that. That's what I love doing. I don't WanNa be sitting email I don't WanNa be writing a blog article. I can come up with topics in the ideas and resources, but I don't want to do the rest of the stuff. So that's why we do that and so if I ever go to sell the company, my valuation will. Definitely increase because now we have the systems and process. You don't need me here. Anybody can come in look at our systems and do exactly what it is doing to continue to grow the business. Yeah. That's wonderful. There's so much don peck and not, and I love the idea how can you do this so you never do it again, I was looking at some photos of my old office from the early days of my business, the other day and and on the whiteboard they're. I've actually written down handwritten sort of at the bottom of the whiteboard at eye level where I'm sitting at said.

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