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Alright, Let's talk a little Labor Day. The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5th 18 82 in New York City. I think Roger Bad ish covered that story. No, Roger there was there. Yes, Uh, 1918 84. The first Monday in September was selected as the holidays originally proposed, Um and you know, to celebrate the American worker which we do of course today. Liberty is also the third most popular holiday weekend for barbecuing after July 4th Memorial Day, and according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, she belonged to that anti. Remember My membership was revoked. It was revoked. I want to ever want to know why. It says it ends on labor Day. Like, okay, whatever. Like who comes up with that? Whatever. All right, um, the legacy of Jerry Lewis. I want to talk a little bit about this in the Labor Day telephone. When the M D A. When I When I still think of this weekend, I think of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. They still do a lot of events. They do a lot of streaming things, but not at the level of the telephone that they did with Jerry. It was Most seven decades. Jerry Lewis, You know producer, director, writer and movie star as host. He raised over a $1.5 billion over that period of time. That he hosted and it was the biggest names at the end. It was getting a little scary, but it was the biggest name in the biggest stars. That appeared, But you remember watching. You know all the time. Yeah, um Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis used to conclude their popular NBC variety show with a special appeal for the M D a every week, and it was 1966 that he did his first Labor Day telethon. And they raised about a million dollars was just on a New York station. Any continued each year is the telephone grew into a huge event more than 200 stations. Think about the names being Crosby, Jack Benny Adam Sandler, the Friends cast. Um Ed McMahon became a stalwart on that show, but the music, the music performances, the comedians. It was fantastic. Um Frank Sinatra, of course, was on there. And that was the big thing. Back in the 19 seventies Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis famous comedy team. They broke up quite a long time ago and Frank Sinatra decided to bring Dean Martin on the show to reunite with Jerry Lewis, which is probably the biggest event in the history of the M D. A. He was watched by, like 65 million people. We've got a little click clip from that moment when Dean and Jerry started talking, Let's take a Listen. I don't know how.

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