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Third wife. I mean if you have a feisty first wife feisty second wife maybe go for somebody a little bit more serene for the third wife. Potentially then boris johnson. A court jogging again but basically jogging. Just a few yards from his car into a hotel. Just shoot again. I mean that's my boris. Has my my sort of interested in exercise. I think very minimal very showy. Everybody can see of doing it you to be honest. The exercise you're doing isn't particularly extensive. Thai fishermen finds sixty six pound lump vomit authority talked about this before the way greece but one of the stories will be talking about today. Wondering dog in istanbul commutes best friend. Why should he popeye. Popeye eat like popeye. I mean if you. I mean you eight popeye. Poppy sinewy windy. And i love i i all of i got you know that you didn't want any of that. You don't want to have that going on. Yeah no also digest the pipe. If he did swallowed popeye's pipe accidentally could be a problem but even more spinach. I fill that so we'll be talking about that as well. So have badges today. I missed commie. Brooklyn the top of the show here but the badges stands on his hind legs tweet. Buffy leftovers off garden table now. I imagined tommy. Brock would be the one to stand on his hind. Think tommy could stand on his hind legs. You'll be like me. Probably the food the picnic table. I would try to stand on my hind eggs. People found him but more depressed. Apparently is well a new species of todd. Todd degrade what a name for name for an ancient animal todd grade. I know people who could be called taty grades. That'd be just few just because the tidiest be people much later these days that you think much much much later these days Also we didn't talk about the second day. You may be shooting happy very happy vasectomy day. I'm vasectomy debut happy. I mean it's the most painful thing for mandigo forever. Then kidney stones those who give birth chaps out there giving birth but a couple of weeks ago there was a second day you may be shooting blanks. But you'll still have the perfect game so we talked about golic suite. We had tommy grow posse girl talking about ponting garlic last week full full quota of nonsense last week we talked about millennials breaking up with avocado as well We didn't talk about the late night visit ringing women's doorbell who turns out to be a slug. We didn't talk about the irish helicase. Ks what halloween was born. I mean wings coming up very very soon and we have a little article on on that as well today on the podcast but we did have a bravo wondrous. Very romantic uber driver day. It wasn't trying to romance me but is trying to sell me on the wonder of andrea bocelli mean. This guy was obsessed with andrea bocelli. Much like we had back in the day. People putting pictures of cindy crawford at my school. I would never do this. Cindy crawford scattered all over the posters across the bedrooms and also that the young lady who had an itchy bottom the tennis player. You know the picture i mean but that those young chaps have this champ has an obsession about andrea bocelli. Beautiful old italian gentlemen who Who gave me ride the other day. And selling me on andrea bocelli. Let me know if you're gonna use a teeth floss to warm. Your thighs the thermos-flask great feat woman's as well how you can still be cramped seats even though you have short. Legs may have new feature chewed of the week. I've seen in british magazine. We may have our shooter of the week. Also my distaste and annoyance with halloween lights. The american pronunciation of croissant concha championships game my hatred of crocs now. Apparently people sticking gibbes and their weighted blankets. The paranoid eating a pickle especially brandis pickle and also how. I use the phrase. Good luck in your future endeavors yesterday. Always wanted to do them is really is a fun packed show today. Lots of johnson's will be trampled trombone. Lots of eccentricity running through the vein of the show so a little bit about roger moles troubled life and recently as said his feisty. Third wife died Roger molds children. Were thrilled to see the along. The way to release the james bond film a couple of weeks ago but just days after the glittering world premiere. They were coping with devastating news. Luisa mattioli died at the age of eighty five at the italian actress was w seven stars. Third wife an announcement. Jeffrey moore said saturday. Confirm this is the case that died One of the family friends that we should very office time. She had pretty acrimonious split from roger but they reconcile just before his death in two thousand seventeen. Roger left mattioli. Four best friends swedish. Born danish socialite kiki strip owed did a mattioli won a huge ten million pound settlement in a divorce you're at her memoirs. Nothing else rather how she felt betrayed by fall and discarded by more mulch. Oh mattioli with jeffrey deborah christian at the start of mattioli romance roger morris explosives end when his second wife. Dorothy squires learned about the affair. Mattioli which began when they're foaming romulus and the sabines in italy. Nine hundred sixty one. The wealthiest smashed dick atar over his head more city through brick fruit my window. She reached the glossing. Grab my shut and it cut my mom's doing it. The police came and they said. Madam you're bleeding is my heart that's bleeding. Squires refuse to accept the separation sued more for the loss of conjugal rights but moore refused the coda to return to squeeze in twenty eight days. She unsuccessfully sued. Kenneth more reliable. The actress introduced more emasculated. Charity to vent squad tried to sue the gentleman who introduced lewis amount to jamal and started. I mean i don't think you'd have. I think the courts would give very short shrift for gentleman introducing a lady to another gentleman and then consequently that gentleman has affair that. I don't think it would work very well but anyway one of the interesting things about louis mattioli though is she did not like roger moore kissing his co stars. Now if.

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