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Is a is a company called basf which had reduced a rival herbicide to what months entered is called in genia and does the same thing just as bad just as bad yet studied supposedly by the university of arkansas they gave it a pasquas university of arkansas has a big cheer fund did by this company when i say a cheer what happens is the companies will provide the money and endowment so that the interest that comes to me endowment will pay for the salary of a professor who teaches what these guys want him to teach and that's what it that's what this is all about i mean this is this is just last week we were talking about all those the emails and things that were the firm monsanto that were internal memos leaked that scientists were saying it who work for monsanto saying if someone wants to come in test this stuff i don't want anything to do with it because they know how bad it is right i mean it is insane it's the snow it's the smoking in st thought worse you choose to smoke a cigarette at all of the food supply we don't know what's on it and we're just i mean it's so much worse than the smoking epidemic it's it's insane and it and it feels so overwhelming and it feels like you can't do anything about it and then there's so much censorship with people trying to really get the real story out because monsanto's pockets are so deep it's just following the money that's how you crack down i mean i think this game in washington dc where it's republicans and democrats alike who are just on the payroll of these things and that's how they are voting i mean i'm still convinced that the reason healthcare.

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