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On the Wall Street establishment. You're listening to the watchdog and Wall Street with Chris Markowski. Joe. Looking back, everybody Yes, no rerun Thanksgiving weekend here at the watchdog on Wall Street Show. That being said. We're really riffing and going off on tangents. Today I mentioned the Phil Collins Concert that salts it's back. Remind me of another really good concert. Mr Tie in. Peter Gabriel concert, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. We're in the same band Genesis. But I just true story. It's back when I was way, way, way back machine. Way back machine when I was in college, and I was studying Studying in Florence, Italy, and Canada Shoe string budget when I was there and My friends and I we saw that Peter Gabriel was coming to play at a small Little arena. In Florence, Italy, and just so you know, we could see if we can go. See him tickets probably too expensive. So we go in. We take a look and we fuck she's tickets. A really, really reasonable wasn't bad at all. So we got the cheap seats. Got the cheap seats to see Peter Gabriel. And Lo and behold. Lo and behold, who would have thunk it? You can hear was hit. It was a teachable moment and Italian culture. The cheap seats. The cheap seats at Italian show where the front row There was no seats up. There was like the orchestra really standing standing room in the front. And I found that fascinating because you know Italians won't do. They're gonna sit. They want to The leg up smoke a cigarette at the time again. It was, I guess was OK to smoke cigarettes indoors back then, but just different. Different who knew cheap seats and front. Remember that if you want to see a concert Italy I want if it's still the same Anyway, moving on talking about the media and the lies and you know now how they go about utilizing headlines. Was a couple columns this past week talking about bad polling. The price of bad polling and how poles and bias feed media conformity that Miss Leeds the public. And I read a couple of these columns. Yeah, this is One. Actually, they had the nerve. The Wall Street Journal had an editorial talking about the price of bad polling when they also participated in a bad poll, So Wall Street Journal NBC poll. Which was dog crap. That crap. Um I understand that the media we've got 24 hour cable news networks. And they need to come up with storylines. They need to come up with story lines that have legs. And this is why they come up with narratives. And they pushed things a certain stories. They don't They don't talk about him. Well, you know, it's just too difficult to head in that direction when it comes to elections. I mean, this is Caroline. They're all and they loved these polls because then they can have a panel of people to discuss the polls and you can have the people from this camp saying Well, this polls definitely mean that someone so is gonna win. And this one are you that these polls are no good. Its argument for argument's sake. I mentioned this earlier on in the program, you were going to be better informed, much better informed. If you just listen to my show on my podcast daily, Then you would be watching cable news all day long. And in fact, honestly, I went, I think cable news actually gets rid of brain cells. Kills brain cells, Iowa's more brain cells Watching cable news. Then you are drinking margaritas all day. That's just the reality. And it's gotten worse instead of better. They create turn Anchors and people into stars on the program. They're all actors. It's all a show. And I forget I've demonstrated this. You have given countless examples of my experience working with the mainstream media over the years. And I offered this up. Is it a bit of a thought? Think piece. There's one and think about what the world be a better place today if we went back to the old CNN headline news, 30 minutes and done. Huh? With the world Be better. I think so. But anyway I gotta talk about this story. Um, I I've got to the point time where I got to the point in time I talked about Andrew Cuomo and I described him as one of the biggest anal sphincters in the country. I've tried to give former President Barack Obama somewhat the benefit of the doubt on certain things, and I've been highly critical and believe in his policies. But again, I now I'm just I put him in the Andrew Cuomo camp. I do. I'm sick and tired, sick and tired of seeing his mug with that poop eating grin on his face, putting him out there to be some sort of God. When you just take a look at the massive amount of screwups that he's been involved with things that we told you, we're gonna blow up. Does anybody ever call him out on it? Ever. Ever. Story this past week talking about student loan losses this year. More than 400 billion. And they said by next year, it's going to be well over 550. Billion..

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