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One is going for a text on by Tyree kid, two receivers lease the same area. The person since he was reading the touchdown Tyree. The one right after the wall kick was that wartime Reeker was up for critics give. Yeah, I'm a magician ever reveals his troops. So I'll just leave it at that. That is my favourite. Patrick Mahomes drop that we're going to get all your, you know what? Texas Tech we talked about all about this nickname thing that has taken over Kansas City. They called him the magician, did they? Yeah. I mean, it just didn't stick Showtime the magicians before. Now. Recently, I've heard cheat code to magician, obviously in the mix and of course Showtime. That's Pete Sweeney editor in chief of Arrowhead pride dot com. And Mike wicket we're taking your calls forty, three forty. I don't think people aren't a crushed mood. I think people are a little miffed the defense, but I think there's some encouragement coming out, not calling a moral victory because nobody likes those, but to go there do what they did with that team, right? And that quarterback in that coach wall had ten days to get ready for you. Maybe it isn't such a kick to the nuts as that kind of a loss can be, but we want to get your reaction by seven, six, seven, six, ten tuneup. Thanks for hanging. You're on the air. Here Jonah from a nice cold and rating, Kansas City. Glad to bring it back home after the world tour here. I finally we're gonna call from KC. Yes, sir. I just want to say I'm a twenty five year. She's staying and I can tell you. He doesn't feel like a kick in the net here. Now, this is a lot of exciting stuff to go on. Really. What I feel like we really need to be looking at right now is is leadership on the field. And I think that, you know, fortunately with how Patrick Mahomes played in his first six games, I think we've found that leader on offense that our defense can rally behind that. I really feel like that right now. We're feeling the loss of the guy like Derek Johnson who had seen every single play in the heart and soul in the middle of dependent, not have an Eric berry on the field is only Tom top that problem. But I think we don't win. We come back back over to score standing Foxborough. We got a lot much forward to, and I think we just need to give this team. A little bit of patience. 'cause the defense has successful before I know we got our hopes high, but I say we just hang on for the ride and have a lot of fun and just watch where this team goes in the future. Thanks for taking my call here. Gentlemen. Thank you. Tuna appreciate it. Ryan. Casey, you're next up on on sixteen sports radio. What's up Brian, hey, how you doing? Hey, I kinda liked what he was saying a little bit right there, but literally I, I wanna talk about Eric berry mystery here real quick. I know we could have freed up a roster spot if he was on. I r whatever he's gonna play. He's gonna play. I thought it was gonna play today. I thought it was gonna play to be big anniversary and he was going to be the one little thing that fixed what happened tonight, but but he didn't. So he's obviously gonna play at some point. Now he's got that little high heel bone spur, is it. No, no. I don't know what's obvious, but here's the deal like that. That's gonna flare up one time. He's going to get up a half. He's gonna get one game in. They're going to save them for the playoffs. They're gonna play him one time and hopefully maybe a plays one game. I mean, him hobbled is enough to stop Brown Cousy, you know, but that's a flare up one time and we might get one show out of them in the playoffs. Why aren't they doing some kind of surgery right now? I heard the gun you med, you know, saying that you know surgery isn't going to happen, they haven't can't. They cut that bone spur out of his achilles..

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