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The studio Aaron thank you it is five thirty five the funerals are now underway for the seventeen people who. Died when, a duck boat sank in Branson Missouri the. Community gathering at this Arkansas church for the. Very, first visitation, that visitation for father and son Lance and Steve Smith that was held. Yesterday now the funerals for the victims from Indianapolis the nine members of the Coleman family will be held. On, Friday and Saturday of this, week as for that investigation officials say they did recover video after, pulling the boat out of the water. It is expected to take a few weeks before a preliminary report on what led to the sinking. Is, released time now is five thirty, six safety, concerns being raised after two major downtown street closures, because of infrastructure collapses some state leaders want to see a. Critical look at that infrastructure while crews are, out making sure another class is in the near future crews from citizens energy are checking The sewer pipes, and manholes after major issues this month they, say, it was. Just bad luck, those collapses. Happened so close together so far they've not found any more major issues is the downtown's. Three infrastructure safe absolutely we've like I said there's about five hundred structures we've inspected so far we found none that, mere, what we saw that we thought were public safety issue crews will still be out, inspecting the downtown sewer pipes the rest of the week looking for any possible issues and check this construction out that's happening downtown you can can't just tear down a historic building you actually have. To move it or carefully moved this historic livery building on south Delaware street that's near bankers life Fieldhouse the building. Housed horses and carriages, in the eighteen hundreds it is being moved to make way for the new city. Way to project adding new apartments retailers into pharmacy delivery building is being moved to a new back portion of.

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