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The pieces to win right now no i don't i think it would behoove the manager though mickey callaway actually call it like he sees it and i understand that it's july i understand you need to work with these players for the rest of the season you don't wanna lose your team and had them to new out but in all these updates from harris allen and the cuts that he plays of mickey callaway have you heard a negative one and it's not because harris doesn't wanna play the negative cut it's because there's not that exist and mickey callaway is never negative about his team and in a place like new york if you don't call it like how it is you're going to be called out and you will quickly turn into an enemy and that's what micky calloway's realize the first two weeks of the season we were genuflecting to mickey callaway oh mickey could do no wrong what a selection and then when you suffer some adversity and you don't recognize that adversity publicly that's when you put yourself in a hole that it's going to be very tough to dig yourself out on and there's gonna be a lot of people pouring dirt and sand into that whole against you so when you look at the mets and we try to determine who they are going to keep in who they are going to trade i believe there will be some traits but i'm not convinced there's going to be players that are brought back that are going to be part of this core for the future now if you trade degrom you would anticipate and you would demand that you get people back that will be on this team in the future but it doesn't appear and a lot can change from now until the deadline if they get blown away by an offer they get blown away but right now is because we sit here on this july six it does not appear that the mets are gonna trade the grammar syndergaard right now how much you gonna get back for zack wheeler or steve matt's i don't think you're gonna get a whole lot back because they have been healthy so maybe the mets traded frazier you won't get anything back that's expected to be great for top frazier maybe they trade drubel cabrera who's had a nice season but you're not gonna get a shirt thing back for a gerbil cabrera maybe if you get a fortuitous bouncing you have a prospect that was looked at as an out to be and turns out to be very good so the mets i know there's a lot of intrigue with what are you going to do and who are you going to trade who you gonna keep but i don't think a lot of moves are gonna make this deadline is going to impact the future just like last year as well what you know about the mets though is this a terrible baseball team right now and there's almost no reasons why you should continue to watch them other than your just addicted to the team and you'll love the team and its baseball so you're always gonna watch it then you get into the yankees and it's the complete antithesis the yankees are a bright story the yankees are a great that story and you know what the expectations were before the year and they even got and grew greater with the additions of two young studs and glacier tours and miguel and do heart and now torres suffers the first adversity of his career with the hip and i know we had the surgery in the offseason to overcome that in the minor leagues but now there's a different part of the body and he suffers a hip injury and you won't seem until after the all star break you just hope it doesn't linger the yankees though wind up is so ridiculous and they had so many prodigious home runs at a record setting pace that i don't think they miss a beat i don't standing i remember all the panicking that went on at the yankees earlier in the year not worth it bad trade aaron boone doesn't know what he's doing and i remember i was in late april those are.

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