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Eddie trunk back with you on this week's eddie trunk podcast on my first interview coming up a little bit later robin zander of cheap trick but this first interview i really think you're going to enjoy dennis deyoung reached out about coming on my radio show to talk about sticks playing mr robotic suddenly in their set list and his desire to rejoin the band it's an engaging interview it's a funny interview i think you're gonna like it dentist e young formerly of sticks are first of two interviews on this week's eddie trunk podcast hey dennis how are you can i take a quick story before we get started of course date yesterday i get this email late from a friend of mine up in canada paul jessica used to run universal music up there and he said he sent me sit the dennis you've been instructed to report to a trunk in an alien brooklyn and i thought oh no i'm laid on the big on my gambling debts in the boys coming to break my legs but then i so ready and and i scream hallelujah sweet cheeses eddie trunk is finally going to talk to being began weeping openly and i jumped for joy and then she moved on a hit my head on the toilet seat denison rose welcome you're always welcome on this show man it's great to have you but could be had how are you okay where are you right now you're on the road or you home what are you doing i'm i'm off the road for a couple of days and they go back out on friday and saturday like a weekend warrior play like fifty sixty shows year mostly on the weekends because i don't wanna i don't wanna miss those those law and order marathons so what it is what it is you know it isn't i'm seventy one and i'm still the nba million that he's to if i and i'm piker if you know what they mean you're seventy one years old god bless you man i never thought i didn't think he would that all that all seventy one imagine my surprise.

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