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Bitcoin dot com declare your independence with ernest handcock continues after the news. Live on the liberty radio network at l. n. dot. Fm you're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network at live dot heartland use feed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's the public service doing newscast january the six twenty twenty one by clifford too close to call in both key georgia's senate races as of our deadline. Not broadcasters if things change in the early morning hours will feed an update. The congress meets today to count the state's electoral votes and possibly never before. Has the ceremonial process received so much attention. We get some perspective from ohio in mary. Sherman a dozen republican senators than one hundred and forty house members including a few from ohio planned to challenge president. Donald trump's lost in key battleground states while the effort is not unprecedented university of dayton political science. Lecturer dan birdsong. Contends at scale is noteworthy. Question the motivation behind these individual leaders. Because it doesn't look like it can change the outcome. It looks more like political theater. If it was clearly supporting democracy they wouldn't be so partisan the challenge would have to pass both the us house and senate while he believes instances of fraud and irregularities did occur. Ohio republican senator rob portman says he won't support the among ohio's republican house members. Jim jordan and bob gibbs. They'll challenge the vote count. Anthony gonzales. says he'll oppose. And the remaining seven have not made an official declaration. This story was produced association with media and the public interest funded in part by george gun foundation. President trump has encouraged demonstrations claiming election fraud and. He tweeted on monday. That vice president. Mike pence has the power to reject some states electors rebecca greens a professor at william and mary law school. She notes under the electoral count act. Vice president has no authority to decide the election outcome. His duties as senate president or to maintain order break any potential tie and announced the winners none of these duties. The power to decide controversies that might arise for counting. Electoral votes were otherwise outcomes elections. So that's just not how the law works. Today's joint session of congress begins at one. Pm eastern time. The group maine. Healthcare action is launching a campaign to get universal health care on the state ballot for twenty twenty two instead of proposing a specific bill. The initiative would direct the legislature to draft and enact a universal healthcare plan by twenty twenty four research indicates. Most americans think the government has a responsibility to provide health coverage for all and exit polls from cnn. In last year's primaries nearly seventy percent of mainers said they support universal government plan over private insurance abby writer with maine healthcare action says the economic crisis caused by the pandemic has made it a critical time to act. Our legislature has seen multiple universal health. Care bills. get to the floor but then just not go any further so we a major element that was missing was the voice of the people. I'm lucky this is us in new. Mexico is families cope with unemployment pay cuts in the threat of eviction. Because of the corona virus state homeless agencies. There say communities could help by granting financial support hank hughes with a new mexico coalition to end homelessness says infection rates among the homeless population. Happen kept to a minimum because the federal cares act provided money for motel rooms but he says reduce funds will mean only. A portion of those currently housed at motels will be able to stay. They're going forward. Also as we know people's unemployment checks got interrupted. You know we're just seeing a surge in homelessness and housing insecurity. In general people kinda struggled to make it through the winter corona virus vaccines are expected to become available in the next few months but he says people and families will continue to need help with food clothing and money for the next eighteen to twenty four months. I'm russ brown. Recent report of housing in santa fe estimated. The city suffers from a rental shortage of more than seven thousand units and cities like asheville charlotte and durham adopted. Clean energy strategies to fight climate change but across north carolina's of group c a gap in community advocacy. A series of online workshops. This month aims to equip residence with the knowledge. They need to act on climate solutions and advocate for their region. A-bone a lock it up. Harvesting humanity says the people affected most by climate. Change often are heard in the policy debates about problems like more intense and frequent rainstorms. Extreme heat and changes in weather patterns that impact crops. And if they don't understand it and if they don't understand they roll them responsibility and helping to shape in cultivate our physical bills environment then they missed the whole idea of community and community centered and people centered work. I'm nadia ramlogan. Finally our address. Here's tells us. After use of weakening environmental regulations a new report says there's hope for restoring chesapeake bay but pennsylvania needs to meet its clean water commitments to twenty twenty state of the bay report shows of thirteen key indicators obey health declined but most water-quality measures showed some improvement of the six watersheds states pennsylvania is the source of sediment and nutrient pollution flowing to the bay but according to shannon gordy pennsylvania executive director of the chesapeake bay foundation. The federal epa approved a state plan. That is underfunded by three hundred forty four million dollars a year and falls far. Short of pollution reduction goals. We want to see them. Step up helping identify funding. Also making sure that it's a priority for the state. She says the federal government could help by including money for agricultural and environmental infrastructure. in covid. relief plans. This is mike clifford for public news. 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