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I don't hate you Like a lot of times. I'll just throw him away. Which is really bizarre. I don't know. Well, nobody wants your foot funk. All right, is just downright cold out there and getting colder And this could last for a while. Let's check in with meteorologist Brad Barton to get the very latest on the precipitation that may or may not be following the morning, Brad Good morning and I couldn't have written an intro any better than that. It is cold, and it's going to get a whole lot colder and I've got a big punch line for this. But let me go through my spiel Right now We know it's freezing fog and you're gonna be like 34 today 24 to 9 34 tomorrow And then Friday, we'll start to dry out with the dam breaks in the Midwest and cold air is going to be flooding in here. I think Well, I think it's possible. We could be. Well, here's a good you still have today and tomorrow to prepare for more cold weather because I think we're gonna be looking at 86 to 90 consecutive hours. At or below freezing from, Let's say late Friday night. Through noon Tuesday. Okay? The late Friday night all day, Saturday Sunday. Monday are our highs going to be in the twenties and our lows, they're going to be in the teens. And Tuesday, maybe by noon, we might barely get above freezing. So that's not a record by any means. We've been 12 days below freezing. It's 1983. But it's kind of interesting. This also maybe our coldest Valentine's Day on record. The record cold high for Valentine's Day is 27 degrees in 1951. The record cold low is 15 and 1936. And if you Take a look at your forecast Davin Amy for Sunday. I'm looking at a high 27 lows 15 to 20. If my memory serves me correctly When I first moved here, I think the Valentine's Day after I moved to your like 17 years ago, it snowed on Valentine's Day. Yes, And we had a beautiful snow. What? Maybe eight or 10 years ago On Valentine's Day I went fell on the weekend, and there's a great snow. People were running around. You know Saturday, so it didn't close the schools or anything. And people were making great big snowman. Dogs were bounding around, and it was great. And by Monday it was gone. So that was good. What about possibility of snow this time? I'm glad you brought that up. Well, we don't normally get you know anything. But maybe an intra two of snow or something like that, or flurries Now, I'm not saying it's gonna happen. But I have two models. I have two computer models right now that are fairly reliable, including the European model. That are forecasting between 10 and 12. Inches of snow Monday and Tuesday here. Whoa! Yeah. Now I think that will moderate and I think as we get close to the time, those numbers will become more realistic. This is the first time I've seen this much snow forecast that far out Monday Tuesday. We are expecting snow, and in some areas it could be fairly deep. Wow, amazing so again that probably come off that it may be just two or three inches of snow. But right now the models have us in for a lot of moisture overhead and a lot of snow falling because our cold air will be plenty deep enough. That won't be ice. It'll be snow. All right. Thanks Bread, but we'll check in with you as the week moves along. I'm glad I travel with a I have a I have a very two of them, actually very thick sleeping bags. I keep in the back of my car just for this kind of weather so you can sleep in your car. If I have to know if you get If you break land, and for some reason, Yeah, you never know. Meantime, that's no. What we had when I first moved here that the first time I kiddos sauce knows so.

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