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Kale BJ Thomas Russia with thanks I'm rich Dennison fox news Russian president Vladimir Putin sending his appreciation to the US for help in stopping a terror attack a white house spokesman confirms a phone call Sunday between president trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin Putin initiated the call the White House says to thank president trump for information from the U. S. that help foil of potential terror attack the two leaders also discussed the set of relations between the US and Russia White House confirmation of the call came nearly twenty four hours after the Kremlin released details of the phone call in that summary the Russian sites is both leaders discussed several matters of mutual interest boxes Jered helper in Washington authorities in Texas a armed volunteers at a Texas church save lives when they shot and killed the gunman who opened fire during services yesterday killing two parishioners such volunteers are allowed under a new Texas law put into place after a church shooting two years ago that left more than two dozen dead the man charged in the multiple stabbing at a New York rabbi's home during Hanukkah is now facing federal charges a U. S. attorney in the Southern District of New York is now charging Grafton Thomas the man already jailed on state crimes for allegedly attacking people inside a rabbi's home on Hanukkah using a machete with federal civil rights crimes federal prosecutors say Thomas is charged with five counts of obstructing religious exercise by attempting to kill Thomas will now appear before a federal magistrate he's currently being held in lieu of five million dollars bond on the state charges of attempted murder fox's Evan brown the past year's population growth rate in the U. S. was the slowest of this century to declining birth increasing desk and the slowdown in international migration the latest figures from the census bureau show US population grew about half a percent to three hundred twenty eight million Erica is listening to fox news newsradio kale BJ on John Cooley this news a service of green dot com Austin's landfill the code rewrite hasn't realtors worried the Austin board of realtors is looking at the city's work on so called transitions owns a boards Romeo men's India says those are areas the city wants to build the density and housing options along major corridors they feared too much would bill traffic and congestion on a major artery the city council has made some bold strategic decisions and the first reading and it's gonna come without controversy Austin city council is set to take another swing of the code in February a listen you have as newsradio kale BJ court documents show a man was having a crisis when he stabbed his pregnant sister to death in Pflugerville thirty two year old Jennifer if BG was in her first trimester but she was stabbed also Travis county EMS medics found her on the kitchen floor with injuries to her abdomen and face police found a brother twenty five year old Michael echo while you naked near the home with blood on them and a bloody kitchen knife nearby thank you all who is charged with murder is being held in the Travis county jail on a five hundred thousand dollar bond law enforcement in Texas continues to search for answers after a gunman opened fire on church in at a church in a wide settlement near fort worth the suspect killed two people before being gunned down himself by a volunteer security team member one of the men who took down the suspect Jack Wilson says lives were saved from the quick response when an individual given.

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