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Goes to elaborate and i thought about what you sound like. Yeah there was like three different styles of penalty in one penalty. The straight renault. Then a little bit of a curve than a little bit of a starter and then ultimately not a very good penalty. I would like to get myself upon the back. I knew georgina was gonna miss i. I won't say that. I knew pickford would have his homework done and that georgina style of penalty does lend itself to being saved. And it didn't happen against mom but it did happen against jordan pickford but there was more drama to comb after that will so in terms of ways to lose a penalty shootout from the perspective of fan. Can there be anything more gut wrenching than saving the penalty. That would be you can new life. Oh my god we're back. We were dead. Were oh my god. We just lost like it's just as gut wrenching away as a penalty. Shootout can end especially with georgina. Who has spent the better part of the last several days being praised from north america through europe through asia for his penalty taking ability. They've stopped him like it was always written in the stars that it would be him. They stop him and then they lose anyway and it was just horrifying to watch now. One of the things. We've been told about england since twenty eighteen cents. Skirts okay. took over is no longer. Is it a lottery. I remember glenn hoddle. When they lost a penalties ninety-eight he was manager of england and then argos while you know penalties is lottery mall. No you do your train and you do your work. Remember in rocha. Pickford had the list on his water bottle of potential penalty takers on which side. They would go where they left footed. He had all this homework done. Is it not a flow then to say you shouldn't have such an important penalty falling to a nineteen year old. I suppose but i also you know we could be sitting here having the same conversation if southgate decided to leave in somebody who was just generally speaking an inferior penalty taker when he knows he has guys who he sees these guys in training. They work on this in every session. You know he knows who's good and who's not at this who's better than this at others so like. It's it's dan if you do damned if you don't in wound up biting him can actually strike that from the record from myself stupid question guys. 'cause would we be saying anything like this if it was petrie who was a child as well taken a penalty. We wouldn't so you know. This is a professional footballer. As well as i know it was a lot of pressure saxophone himself in boss. I you know i shouldn't. I shouldn't be. I'm almost like patronizing him by saying. Oh look he's nineteen should he. Nineteen year old be taken a penalty. Nineteen year olds have taken penalties before. So i tell you a key part of this team throughout this run like he has and he seems generally cool uneven even kept his head somehow when old butcher key leany decided to horse collar him at the end of normal time. It's really what he did. We'll talk more about that. I just the the last bit. I guess on the penalty. Shoot shoot out that. I wanted to mention what you mentioned there with. Glenn hoddle talking about this being a lottery. It's so interesting. Because i do fluctuate on that. I guess in the end where. I stand on it in terms of penalty shoot-outs. This is lame to say. It's clearly a bit of both like for example. You see the penalty. That harry maguire took. That's a great penalty. That's not luck when you strike a ball like that. I don't care who the goalkeeper is. How great he is. How big is can't save it. There's no luck there. That's that's skilled talent. You know in terms of goalkeepers and the homework but they do like for we assume on your gino. That's not luck that skill. that's that's work but there is an element of we see all the time. Guys take bad. Penalties goalkeepers guests the wrong way they score on them and they're not vilified. Oh good penalty. No it wasn't. We see it all the time. No it was a bad penalty the goalkeeper guess the wrong way so there is undoubtedly there is also a huge element of luck along with the skill that it takes to be a. Yeah and i. I should say that pickford clearly guest that georgina was not going to go to the left. His left hand side to to georgios right he was going to go to georgios. Left pickford right this time. So he was going to do the switcheroo on him when he got it. Right and that in itself diving that way in itself is a gamble. One thing i did get right belotti. You look at all the goals. He scored for terrain over the past few years. Look how experienced the as a serious striker. I had no faith in a manager. D ron up. The telegraph penalty with the inside of the fourth and by the way very similar to sancho penalty which was telegraphed to really. I mean very disappointing. But i just thought to myself i know immobile has score. Goals earlier in the competition. Bought is lee have won a major tournament without a really really potent center. Forward out notes striker and And that's pretty amazing to. Yeah it was. I mean in the truest sense of the words. It was a team effort from them. I mean contributions from everybody in the end with italy. I would say federico as the player. I come away from this tournament. Most impressed with oh yeah andrew when he what did you think when when when he went off and he was genuine danger because i thought he was faking it at first when he got pushed by walker but he clearly went over and his ankle and when he eventually had to give up the goals and couldn't stay on. I thought a good night. Really good night so i did not think. Good night simply because it didn't look like at that stage in the game england. Were trying to win So that is actually a really good point and a really key sentence in this whole entire. Damn like so okay. Italy clearly had just lost their most creative attack-minded threat and maybe their most inform attacking player. Inca like the guy who's kept going to pull them up by their bootstraps into the game. That was obviously a blow for them. There's no question about it. But it was like asking england at that point to suddenly flip the switch from defending for your lives to going in all out attack and winning this thing normal time i mean it kind of felt like trying to turn around a cruise ship and ultimately that is what happened. It wasn't until about one hundred. Ten minute when england decided okay. Now we're going to go all out. We don't want any part of penalties. We wanna win this one in one hundred twenty minutes and they went all out and england and italy then it was a total role reversal. Italy sat back and defended for their lives and there were a couple. Harrowing moments corner kicks along throwing from kyle walker where the ball's bouncing around in the box for him. Sterling made a nice move to get into the penalty area in a similar position where he went down against denmark but it was defended perfectly by kia leany so there were there were some moments there but ultimately check as a went off and it was bad but it didn't it didn't necessarily change my opinion of which direction the game was was heading and i must say that substitutes that came in really did country. You'd i thought bernard eski tried very hard. I'm kinda playing in a equality center forward moment mode because belletti belotti was brought on much later which suggested to me. What what i felt about him. In generally across the tournament mancini felt that he couldn't be relied on an incentive to do what needed to be done Brain chris dante. I thought he. I thought he did really well. He tried those he tried to make those runs beyond the defenders Kiiza was kiiza was so key to bring italy back into the game. Damian dolph was on irish commentary for rt and he you know what he said he said it's not just a case of easily bringing themselves back into the game. England brought italy back into the game with their performance. After the goal for most of the i would say actually from the midway point to the second half or to the first half and then the entire second half england found a way to bring italy into this one and quite quite strange. Andre quite strange performance. We actually should we. Should we go back and now kind of go through the game like that. I think that's a good way to do it right. So yeah so it's interesting 'cause so yes england score in the second minute it was. I mean it was. A great goal came andrew. It was. It was a brilliant goal kim drops in receives the ball off. Shaw switches. the play to trippy. Who gets down and delivers a brilliant ball and shows already made all that ground and hit that ball. Coming up off the volley in off the side of the post was just a brilliant brilliant finish and a brilliant goal and actually england for maybe fifteen twenty twenty five minutes were all swarmed easily it. They made that fast start. Italy couldn't get into the game. A phillips and rice were small ordering in the midfield was none of the rotations..

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