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Sunny in 74 now, we're heading into the 80s. Good morning, I'm Mark Lewis with top the local stories were following this hour. We're getting some reaction from local school leaders in Virginia as new policies transgender are going into effect. Under state guidelines, students will be required to use bathrooms and play on sports teams that correspond with sex at birth. Fairfax County Superintendent the online learning environment for every student. Arlington and Loudon are reviewing the updated policies from the young kid administration. As for next steps, w TLP Scott Gelman covers education. Some experts have basically said that these policies violate the Virginia Human Rights Act, which is the piece of legislation that protects against discrimination on a basis gender of identity in various public settings on public schools are obviously included in that he wouldn't be surprised if private organizations and or school divisions take legal action or push back in the coming days and weeks. Neil logon stain. W TLP news. Local school boards will be required to adopt the new state guidelines happening at this hour. DC's mayor, Muriel Bowser, is kicking off the transformation of Dave Thomas Circle in northeast. of A Wendy's that confusing one sat in intersection the middle there, and the city used eminent domain to acquire the property and start construction on a safer intersection. The project will add two -way traffic to First Street Northeast and restore two -way traffic on Florida Avenue and add protected bicycle lanes and as well as other improvements. The mayor will be announcing how residents can help choose a new name for that circle. A fiercely debated bill to cap rent increases in The Montgomery County Council vote on rent stabilization came after more than a dozen amendments were hashed out. It was a 7 -4 vote in favor of capping rents at 3 % plus the consumer price index or 6 % whichever is lower. Councilmember Will Jawando told his colleagues he was pleased and I think we will become one of the largest jurisdictions in the nation to permanently cap rents at a livable rate. Councilmember Marilyn Balcom was one of the four no votes and said that more housing starts would help bring down rents. This bill does the opposite it is not balanced and I think it will do more harm and so I cannot support it. Kate Ryan, WTOP News. The County Executive says he is looking forward to signing that bill into law once it is signed. It goes into effect in April of next year. Those take a book, give a book boxes are a common sight in many neighborhoods and one of them is getting quite a bit of attention because it was set up to look like Everybody this. in the neighborhood is really getting a laugh out of it. Longtime Kensington resident Bill Ivory's reaction to a little library which to approaching cars look like a speed camera. Who put the library isn't there known but Matthew Fairbank first saw it on Saturday in front of his home on McComas Avenue and loved it. First time I've seen people slow down in my front of house. He says the library pushed a point they've been making for years at car speed too often down the road especially drivers using as a it cut through. The attention it got resulted in the county evicting the camera from county property. The disappointment is more in the fact the response to have it taken down was same day yet we've had this issue for a couple of years now. He just hopes county officials and lawmakers take note of it and do something to make the roadway safer. Mike Murillo, WTOP News. Montgomery County's Department of Transportation says the library couldn't stay because placing unauthorized signage or objects in the public right of way is illegal. Twenty thousand soccer fans will be packing DC's Audi Field tonight for Major League Soccer's All -Star game. Now if you couldn't get a ticket, there's still a way to enjoy the game with other fans. Don't have a ticket to see the MLS All -Stars take on Arsenal? Don't worry. There's no shortage of watch parties happening throughout the district. Across the pond, Dupont Circle's Irish soccer bar is offering discounted draft beers and bar appetizers leading up to the game. Draft beers for five bucks and a long Pennsylvania Avenue at Elephant and Castle. You can catch the game while enjoying six dollar beers and small plates at the same price. Sandra Jones, WTOP News. There are street closures in effect around South Capitol Street and Aldie Field. Check out everything you need to know for tonight's all -star game at WTOP .com. Just ahead in Money News. Remote and hybrid jobs are on the rise again. I'm Jeff Clabo. It's 1108. Get a Precision AC tune -up for only $59. Michael and Son. Now traffic and weather. On the 8th, Rita Kessler in the WTOP Traffic Center. And we're still seeing delays right now in Virginia on northbound 95. This is going to be delays coming out of Fredericksburg toward the Newport Parkway. The good news is the crash has cleared out of the travel portion of the roadway and your lanes are open. Then a delay northbound after you cross the Occoquan. Solid headed past Lorton Road with the work in the right lane. Southbound a just little heavy crossing the Occoquan. No problems along 395 right now. We do have the problem in the Winchester area northbound I -81 at Route 7 or exit 315. Stay to the left to get by the truck crash. 66 no longer slow inside or outside the beltway so that's a good trip right now. We do have the delays on the outer loop of the beltway. Basically before River Road headed all the way across the American Legion Bridge toward Georgetown Pike with the work in the right lane. Southbound in the Baltimore Washington Parkway the delays have eased headed past 410. crash That should be cleared however further north on the parkway southbound between 195 and Route 100. Reportedly a single lane getting by some sort of a debris spill in the area. Also Ballinger Creek Pike southbound at Solarex Court. The crash reported along the right side. If you're in the district delays on New outbound York Avenue and near South Dakota Avenue headed toward the Anacostia River should be a single lane getting by the work. Also eastbound Pennsylvania Avenue at 30th Street Southeast there had been a broken down vehicle there in the roadway. Why

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