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Break. We're talking with ken. Honda about gaining peace with our money. And it's a topic that we haven't maybe discussed in this way before and so it's really nice. Yeah definitely not in this staff than glad to have ken here because his book happy money really does a good job. I think like honestly can when i was reading this book the day i was reading it i was kinda going through something where i had to spend a lot of money and it was. You really just just reading it at that time. Made me think about that completely differently. It really did change my attitude about the purchase. I was making In for a second. Like before. Before i read i was I gotta be honest. I was just kind of like not happy. I was frustrated. By the fact that that this money was going out of my life And then you know reading your book. It made me completely reoriented the way i perceived that purchase and it made me say you know what. I'm so thankful that. I have this money to be able to spend on this Even though it feels like a lot it just gimme. Gimme some gratitude. The moment so i got to say it's a helpful book. Let's let's let's talk about the history of money and you say that it's not the richest people among us but it's the folks who figured out how to change their attitude and he'll prior money wounds. That are the happiest in life. So how are we influenced by our past when it comes to money and how do those wounds kind of continue to fester like decades later. Sometimes so i always ask my clients to go back to tide hood. Say when you're like five to eight or ten unless your parents were comfortable and happy with money. I'm sure most of us have been scolded for wasting our money or not thinking right so we have traumatic experiences like we were denied of summer camps and soccer lessons and ballet lessons because some money but our parents were too shameful to say that It's.

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