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We're talking to Jim Jackson, he's joining us from Dallas. He'll be on the call for the clippers mavericks last night on the call the clippers and the rockets is Luca getting better and if so, how? It's, you know, when you're that good that early you try to figure out ways to say, okay, let me pinpoint areas in this game that you can see the biggest jump. I think the biggest jump for Luca was his efficiency in particular from the three point line. And from the free throw line, because he can get to a spot, he can score. But those two errors he wasn't as efficient. He wasn't shooting at 38, 39% from behind the three point line. He wasn't at 85% from the free throw line. Why is that significant because from a free throw perspective, as you know, Dan, and late game situations, you know, you've got to knock those in because you're going to be the guy that's handling the basketball. So those areas he can still improve them. And I mean, he's young, but he's so mature as a player. I think it's kind of unfair a little bit because it's so much burden put on him. You know, he uses rage 38%. So he has to do everything. And a lot of times when you try to do everything, becoming less efficient, even though right now he's leading the league in scoring. But it's so many more ways he can improve. And the way he does that is by his team. By making it easier on him to be Luca instead of having to do everything and I know Jake here wants to ultimately do that. Yeah, I don't know if anybody has more of a workload than he does night in and night out. No. No. I mean, and he takes it. He doesn't complain about it, because as a young player, you always feel invincible like I can get it done. Well, I mean, yes. And as an older person now looking back at it,

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