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Hi, everybody and welcome to this week's edition of Rick Wolf Sports, and I'm your host, Rick Wolf, and I'm coming to you live from the W. F A N studios on Hudson Street here in Lower Manhattan. It's because, like so many of you my power Internet cable was knocked out this past week due to the storm, and I honestly don't think I'm going to be back online until maybe Tuesday on pay Con Ed. I know you're working hard, but please don't forget about me. I'm waiting for you in the dark. On any event, you know, it's the whole thing with the power outages on DH People live in New York know about this Connecticut jersey. It's just really maddening. There's just gotta be a better way. To somehow prepare for these storms and not to be out of out of the off line for a week at a time. Well, and even now we know that schools in New York are going to be open in September. Well sports parents, educators and coaches. Are now having to figure out what they're going to do when it comes to high school sports. That is no schools, according to Governor Cuomo. They're gonna be opening full steam ahead, whether in person in the classroom teaching or with a mix of hybrid with virtual warning, or just total virtual warning. A lot depends on individual school districts. Aunt. Of course, Education always comes first preached that on the show for many, many years, we know that and of course, sports is an extracurricular activity on obviously, if your kids of all playing sports, you're desperate to know what's going to happen. We know there are a lot of moving parts. But on today's show I want to hear from coaches and teachers and sports parents. About what they're thinking about what they're going to do in this situation. What are you going to do? What do you going to decide? Are you gonna let your kids go back to school? What about your athletes? And quite frankly, why is there still so much reluctance? To postpone high risk sports till later in the school year. I mean, that's what we're doing in many states already California, Oregon, Delaware and so on, and we just heard, of course, that the Mac conference is going to be a Division one football program. They're going to push phone their football until the spring. 1877337 66 66. Let's get into this because now we're getting to the middle of August, and now we have to make some decisions of your sports parent. Or if you're a coach or a teacher. I want to know what you're thinking about. Again. We already know a lot of college football conferences on programs, shutting down for the fall with other sports. So What is that gonna happen with high school sports? What? Why are we hanging on with this Howard College athletes who aren't in any bubble. How are they different in terms of being protected from high school athletes? So let's let's get into this friends. I want to know what you're thinking here because it's time to come make a decision. It's a simple is up and the later only our I want to talk about the world of youth and amateur sports. What they're going to look like after the pandemic is finally corralled. That is, I want to look ahead past this fall and how our sports obsessed culture might change. I mean, we all know the medical experts say that the virus perhaps is never going to go away fully. That means that we are our kids. We're gonna have to learn how to routinely, where masks wash our hands and keep socially distant. Not just now, not just for a few more months, but down the road. It all sounds very, very simple, very straight for except for the fact that for most media reports Well here in New York, and I guess the most part in the city and we're doing a pretty good job of this, but another state's not so good. And quite frankly, we seem to be good at this for A little while and then we seemed to lose moment. No interest there, mo mentum. One thing is for sure, though, as much as we'd like to return to the good old days of sports in this country. If we're going to keep this virus at bay, we and our Children are going to have to change our ways not just now, but for the future as well or at least until there is a full and safe. And affect the vaccine in place, but again. That hasn't happened yet. So why take the risk? Especially when we keep hearing that a possible vaccine isn't that far off. Wouldn't you want to wait a few more months for vaccine? Take a chance now with your sports. Especially for the perspective of teachers. My wife is a former English teacher who taught for many years in the classroom. And or she hears from her former colleagues. How how scared they are to go back into the classroom and teach kids who may be carrying disease and who could blame the teachers? Of course. Let's face it. Many of the teachers are also coaches. I still haven't had a good I haven't heard a good or a compelling reason why we can't postpone high school sports until January. Okay, let's hear for you, folks. 1877337 66 66. It's getting down to crunch time to make decisions that you have to say. Let's start our conversation this morning with our good friend Jack Smith in the Hall of Fame coach over from the jersey Jack. Good morning. You're on the fan. How you.

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