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I just a little bit just a couple of inches to make the nets a little bit. Bigger 'cause go got bigger the equipment's bigger I just think it would make a lot more interesting for fans if we could see if you more goal scored i know we just had the twentieth or not even twenty whatever. It was anniversary of the miracle on ice. We're all getting old. But you you look at jim craig. And the pads that he was wearing back in the day. You know the old brown leather shin guards and everything and just the size of the pads are minuscule compared to today what about making the pats smaller make an effect instead of making the gold. Bigger now again. I i think about making the nets a little bit bigger. Only because guy shoot the puck so hard great now. So i don't wanna i don't wanna goaltenders getting hurt. I wanna see a few more goals But i think if you just think the next a little bit bigger key the couldn't same size then you alleviate both problems we get more goals and we don't have golden getting hurt which the safety we want First and foremost so. Where do you see the league going from here the next couple of years. I love the way it's going. I think it's fascinating. We have a lot of youth to being in infusing into the game right now. I continue to grow We we look at where we are. you know i think worldwide. It's a global sports. I love where the game's going i. I know a lot of people complain. There's not enough fighting. There's not enough physicality. But i think it's a pretty damn good game. We have going right now. Better worse than when you played different different. They can't you keep. I do i would do. I wish there was a little bit more rivalries and a few more fights. yeah Do i love the skill level. Where it's at now he. Yeah i do. So i you know i i can give you a little bit of both sides but i'm very happy In the era play and also the faith either. Get the player with him. Well i went to my greatest ranger-islander game ever. I went to was march seventeenth in the garden. Which is obviously saint patrick's day here. Everybody drinking ranger island. The rivalry and that was the craziest game. I've ever been to think we'll see that kind of craziness again or are at this point. Yeah no it totally different world. Homework is different era. We.

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