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This isn't gonna be government by Twitter. Uh, it's going to be a much more Lower key kind of way that were used to not waking up in the morning and seeing your social media has been blown up and as well as the stock market to you said there are going to be leaks and I've heard that from others today, But the fact is all these names. Word leaked. I mean, they did float them out there, so there wasn't a surprise announced today. No, no, no. But that was that was by themselves. If it was the transition committee that was all kind of pre approved, I mean, the way we all knew that announcements were coming on Tuesday, and they Basically released the list. Yesterday. I watched Run plane on the Sunday shows say, Yeah, they're coming up on Tuesday and then is Ajene Sachi. I forgot your first name, saying another Sunday show. Well, I can't tell you what? Yeah. Right, Right, Right. Yeah. I mean, yes, there's a leaks. There will always be leaks and government but it won't be to the extent of it will be back What you write Border war. People are unless I mean, and frankly, there's already some back fighting going on. There's some Biden people who were saying we were there with him from the beginning of this campaign. And we're seeing appointments being made that don't recognize those people who were there and that they were just being passed over by Obama. People the most striking, I remember being where we're when, when, when George Ryan, one for governor and all the cops and people. I remember being it Ryan celebration that night in the Thompson. People filled the hall on that happened a little bit, but what I want to get to John Kerry because John Kerry to me that that's kind of a remarkable story that people are talking about. Here is a guy who was a former secretary of state and beyond that. He was the former presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, and now he's turning over his shoulder as sort of a junior officer. I mean, he's going to be on the National Security Council, but he's gonna be overlooking climate change and talking to The secretary of state designate, who will be essentially over him talking to Joe Biden. I don't know that we've ever had a former nominee. Serve at that level in the cabinet to can you think of? No and and well and truly It's not even really a Cabinet position. Kind of a counselor position on Dad. Yeah, I'm kind of Stunned by it, too, because, uh, you know certain Certainly it's they recognition just by having a counselor on climate by fighting to recognize Something that progressives have. You know, Long felt was missing from the national discourse was a coordinated effort on climate change, but but when you look at, you know, having him come back and take that spot I don't I really don't know what to think about it. I don't know what that says to me. It says that he really wants to do the job. You know that he's essentially walking down a couple rungs on the ladder to take the job. I? Yeah, I'm going to see. Oh, well, no part of me also looks like it Does. You know I'm John Kerry. Don't forget me. Okay. I mean, It's not like he needs a job. So we're saying the same thing. But for different motivations. That's why I mean, I, you know, certainly, I hope you know, and obviously he would believe in the job, but I also think It's kind of that political ego factor that's out there too. You know you don't forget me. I've been talking to you for over 20 years, And whenever I found that we disagree on some sort of politics. You're usually right. So I'm willing to No no, no, I'm just but it's truly I was kind of stunned by him taking that I just thought He's kind of analogy he has, you know, Elder statesman status on the outside. And now you're coming in, and you're right at a junior level kind of position, but junior level in what way? Because anytime John Kerry is gonna talk, he's going to get coverage. Pearson, who gets coverage as well, the Chicago Tribune thanks for making things a little clearer for us today. Hey, Thanks, Steve. Any time have a great Thanksgiving to you and all the listeners be Thanksgiving. Let's say yo Hawkes. Yes, Yes. Wait. Rick Pearson from the Tribune. Okay. John Williams talked earlier today to the mayor of Rockford. They're doing a really cool thing with kids there who get a B average or higher in Rockford Public high schools will revisit that coming up, but first to.

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