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About the mass overdose, in New Haven Connecticut oh, yeah at the time the? Tally was seventy. Six, now it's closer to one hundred police in elm city are now. Saying ninety five people have overdosed in all do suspect the overdoses were result of taking synthetic synthetic marijuana, known as k to, that was lace would, fit nil now I began Wednesday when mostly homeless people at a park began to fall ill and the overdoses continued yesterday. So far three people arrested in connection with the overdoses including, one suspect who may have been giving out free samples Of the, drug police are not identified any of, the suspects citing the investigation continuing sad situation in Connecticut anytime someone is handing you something for free drug related automatically. Be, suspects fishing person I'm not saying that a lot of people hand me free drugs or anything like that. But I'm, just saying if you don't know somebody in, your hand you something you got to look at that anyway Anything there's, no such thing as a. Free lunch remember your dad and grandfather. Used. To tell you that thing as a freelancer is always a price to pay in. A lot of times. They give you free samples trying, to get you. Hooked but this, one, I don't know, if, they, were, up to. No good or not unbelievable it's, just a miracle everyone has survived far. Yeah so far so far it really. Is a miracle we'll have more on that coming up next it's flashback up, for, grabs, at four pack of tickets to the Texas trophy hunters, extravagant extravaganza this weekend starting. Today actually at the Freeman Coliseum exhibit.

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