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Telling story like you're the president. Why would you so during by that? Thank you meant like he was hidden on a handle them. You know, we we know that Bush's father H W Bush got rest sole said, I never would recommend Cheney from my son. If I had known he was going to run a shadow empire out of the White House. I mean, that's an actual coat from his father. So, but that gates story really stuck with me. I remember hearing that and just thinking like, wow. That sounds like a guy who's I don't quite want to say afraid of someone but can't handle someone. So the movie isn't about the Trump administration. It's about the Bush Cheney administration. But are there any people from the Bush Cheney cast of characters who have reappeared in the Trump administration through making? Vice you have different understanding of who they are the new otherwise would have, you know, big one was in the middle of entity in the movie, we had John Bolton pop up, and our story of Cheney W Bush, and I thought, you know, maybe we should cut that that guy. He's such a fringy kind of lunatic. Just get him out of your and I swear to God three days later. The Trump administration appointed him and that kept happening throughout the movie. We kept thinking that there were these characters, and these ideas that we're going to go away, and they just kept popping up over and over again up the bolt. One was really funny. I mean my hand core. And just couldn't believe it. It was like we were about to cut that. I was like well, he's back. Bolton was UN ambassador during Bush Cheney and is now national security advisor heart believe, that's correct. Yeah. And known for very hawkish, very aggressive foreign policy recently. There's footage of him with a giant smile on his face shaking hands with Putin. That's the image. I f fresh in my mind, very anti U N when he became the UN ambassador. Oh, Bolton's character. There's no question. I really thought that was the end of him. So I couldn't believe it when he when he popped up in the middle of that. And and you know, the funny thing is you see a lot of these characters from W Bush Cheney administration who are still out there. As pundits on you still get to hear them, everyday talk about their views of foreign policy, and that's also very strange to see these these characters still walking the earth, exposing exposing ideas, but it, but it also points. The fact that really none of these stories are is located. This is a longer arc of four or five decades. A bigger story in transition that's gone on in America. Christian bale is really fantastic in the movie as Cheney particularly the Bush era Cheney and some of it is the makeup and press that ex, but he gets the voice so well, and the breathing like you can always hear Cheney when he's breathing when he's inhaling before the next phrase, he's about to speak, and he gets the pacing and the breathing perfectly. Right. And also, you know Cheney when he speaks. It comes out a little more on one side of his mouth and the other and in Christian bell got that perfectly. Why did you think of him? I mean, physically he's the opposite type of Cheney. He's you know, he's got a very narrow face, or at least that's how I think of it as opposed to Cheney's much, you know, kind of rounder or more more square face of Cheney's, heavier than bale bale had to put on a lot of weight for the role Christian bale. Australian which I never remember when he's playing an American Welsh Welsh. Okay. Yes. Well, but I never remembered that he he's not like. A native American accent speaker? So why in the world did you think of him? He I think you just said it I didn't really care about him. Looking exactly like him. I was more interested in the kind of psychological build of the character, and they're just very few actors like Christian bale and Amy Adams that can do that kind of work where they really build a character psychologically, and so it's not just mimicking gestures or mimicking motions. They know why that motion is happening. They know why that gesture is happening, and there's a psychological history to it. And there's an evolution to it. And man, I I've never seen anything like it with this movie as far as getting to watch Christian put this character togethers. Everyone on set everyday. He would walk on. There was like this quiet reverence for what he was doing and the depth to which bell win. Wow. It's I'll never forget. The first day where his weight gain mixed with the makeup mixed with all the psychological work mixed with all the character work when it all came together. I just literally the hair stood up on my arms. I've never experienced anything. Like it. Adam McKay is the writer and director of the film vice which is up for eight Oscars, including best picture best original screenplay. Invest director Christian Bale's nominated in the best actor category for his role as Dick Cheney will hear more after a break. This is fresh air support for this podcast and the following message. Come from the Annie E Casey foundation developing solutions to support strong families and communities to help ensure a brighter future for America's children. More information is available at eighty c F dot org. Let's get back to his interview with Adam McKay, the writer and director of the movie vice which stars Christian bale as Vice President Dick Cheney so making vice was a very eventful period for you. You had a heart attack before the movie was finished. Thank goodness. You survived in seem to be in good shape. Now, what point of the movie were you in when you realize you're having a heart attack? We had just finished filming. I think we'd raft for about a week. And it's that period where the editor is putting together the rough assembly of the movie Hank Corwin was working on its you kind of have this little week and a half two week break. And you know, I have a company with will Ferrell Keri Sanchez, productions were always working on TV and movies. So I was doing a little bit of work producing. And I just realized I was not in the best shape put on weight during the movie, I was foolish enough to continue smoking not a ton. But I was you know, about a half, a pack a day below half a pack a day, and it just I didn't feel good. My doctor was warning me. And I was working out with my trainer. And in the middle of my hands started tingling and my stomach felt queasy. We'll those aren't normally symptoms you think of with heart attack, usually think of pain in the chest and the arm, and so I told. My train her on fine. I'm fine. I'm just tired. This is just weird and he left and his soon as he left. I remembered the heart attack we shot with bail when he was running for congress in Wyoming in the late, seventies and pale. It asked me said, how do you wanna do the heart attack? You want wanted to be a pain in the arm the chest. He goes, I could also do the queasy stomach. That's really common. And I remember ask him like, what do you mean? I've never heard that before queasy stomach, and he goes, oh, yeah. It's very common. And so that moment just flash back to me while I was sitting on the couch, and I went holy Lord. And I ran upstairs and power LAN upstairs having heart attacks you run upstairs. I mean. Maybe run is not the stumbled stagger. A better word careened. And I got upstairs, and I just down for baby aspirin and called nine one one and God bless nine one one within three minutes they were there, and they had me at the hospital another three minutes after that. And the doctor was like why did you take those baby aspirin like I think he knew usually the queasy stomach thing. People don't react to that one. And I said, oh, my lead actor in our movie told me out, that's heart attack works and the doctor said because you acted so quickly. You have no damage to your heart. Your news. And then he said not only that you have an extra strong heart. So he said the only dumping you're doing is smoking. So he said if you stop smoking, there's no reason you shouldn't live to be one hundred years old. So I have stopped smoking. That is the good news. And and my heart is as good as new, but man, what a scary experience. So I called Christian bale week later. And I said either you or Dick Cheney just saved my life. Did the doctor the baby aspirin helped? Oh, yeah. For sure that's what they give you. And when I got in the ambulance, they gave me more. I mean, the aspirin thins the blood which allows it to get around the blockage. It's it's definitely one of the moves you want to it's not going to save your life. You still have to go to the hospital, but it mitigates damage. There's no doubt about it. Did you at any point that your life was in danger? It's funny. You're going through an experience like that. It's such a roller coaster. You don't even really think in terms like that. It's just moment by moment feeling by feeling and there were a couple moments that got very intense where I thought oh, and I remember the one doctor saying when I was in the hospital because I started to feel better. And then all of a sudden, I did not feel better. And I remember hearing Dr going he's having a heart event right now. And I thought oh man, I could really die in this moment. And the craziest thing was they took me they call it Catholic, which I never heard of before the catheter lab, and they take you in there. And that's where your heart. Doctor comes in your cardiologists. And this was a guy named Dr Henry is one of the best in the world. Thank god. And they get to work on you. And they're you know, they're going to clear out that blockage. And they did and they were amazing. And then towards the end I was on, you know. Drugs of is Louie. And some reason I thought it was very important that everyone at the table. No that I just done a movie about Dick Cheney. Oh, how I Ron ick. This is that I'm on a table having a heart attack. And of course, no one cares. But I saw sort of mumbled it. I was like this is weird. I just at a movie about Cheney and everyone ignored me as they should have except one voice to my right. Just after beaches said that Cheney great American. That's not the point of your movie. I went. You know, it's in my mind. I was like I don't want to argue with this guy. These people just say my life. So I just went. It's complicated.

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