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That's the way he wants to throw around the three. Can get him to. Some time, let's talk about. What happened well, I know we all know what happened to hear it. You WanNa hear from you. What happened I mean whole shot him I almost got him you almost one. Did yeah man you know. Look. The. Simple answer that everybody probably wants to hear is I got beat. All right I can say that that's okay. You know the church they had a the rules. Sets are different on this car but I'm not taking away for bed. Do they've got some They've got those things are fast they mean he's run. Pat Me she power. He's got stevie Jackson ever tuning with them. They're on they're super fast. So not taking anything away from but I will say this that had thing beside us on the same scale with the same rule set on on way and I will bury that thing every day. Let's talk about this. I mean these pro MoD that you drive. By the way, everybody tyler goes it's a lot of folks allow that look like a camera. Awesome Hell. Don't you look? and. You can think they think coming at coming at you looks like a sixty nine Camaro. I know I had one for the things coming up. Right away. The sixty nine body does it it? It did a really good job of making that a as close to do as, and of course, they're stretched wheelbases and things like that. So that's always been cool about pro MoD is is you got wild bodies and stretched in bodies and things like that. You know we've got our classes out there like I that has more stock wheelbase and factory appearing cars. So you know per month always just kind of in that wild. And you know stretched and chopped and this and that. So but the sixty nine in my opinion is very similar to the factory body. You know at least it's recognizable and and I'm just I. Love It. I mean I there's new bodies out there and things like that but I struggle to go that route with a with the pro are because I, I think of the old shoe boxes and Willie's and stuff like that. So Yeah but it's just preference. Tom Out there and we like variety, and that's what's cool about the pro MoD has always from what I've been watching. They have some that have older even older body styles. Dante. There's a lot of like forty one williams. You know the fifty, seven Chevrolet the fifty five. Yeah there's a there's a lot of then you get the new camera body you got the dodge Dr Body like was he museums car? Different, lot of different varieties and stuff. That's what's cool about it is. You're seeing a bunch of different south of near. Fifty nine there just because she probably same reason now in probably one of the most popular cars and sixty nine, right?.

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