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How are you in terms of alcohol drugs and controlling that melville has not a drink for eighteen years and i'm also commmon momma call it car alike boos that's the one that saw of stayed with me guide to me and skied to rehab getting this information it's miraculous because you know my i'm drawn to get top that's the butts base me wherever the level is islam okay take this to that uh a drink this enough we got uh but faith seniors have managed to put eighteen years worth of days together since may last drink in between two n d spin in eyesight the truth is for most of my idol ally of life up mainly been so button unbuttoned dinos i i i know that when i talk about issues i'm willing to talk about issues i i've become known for his cheekie chappie but also cut his problems in his does the darkness anta i do talk about them i'm okay with talking about them be kind of become and that's okay to pigeonholed into this that's what happens in your life i'm not depressed all the time anxious all the time um and have been drum call the tominaga medina drugs lubaton most of my life is kinda boren and uh.

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