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In appear supporting a bridge on I four over colonial drive last April after cracks were discovered in the support. The opening was delayed. Now, the bridge has been deemed structurally sound it will be the new entrance to I four eastbound from garland avenue the seat said it's still working on how to repair the cracks at any long-term ears as Johnny Fernandez reported news ninety six point five WDBO where Orlando turns birth for breaking news jacket weather on this Sunday morning, then we'll stay with the sunshine and just a beautiful day ahead. I'm gentle nine eyewitness news meteorologist rusty mcranie. All don't see any rain on news. Six point five WDBO interactive weather radar. We've got lots of sunshine fifty five right now in Orlando lets talk future continues in just a couple of minutes. President Trump going on Twitter this morning writing that the only reason Democrats don't want to build a wall as at walls work talks expected to continue today to end the partial government shutdown Washington insider, Jamie decree finding out how Democrats plan to put pressure on Republicans to stop the Jamie button in the news ninety six point five WDBO app. Police in Houston say they've charged a suspect with capital murder in the shooting death of a seven year old girl who was killed while riding in the family car a week ago, the brother of a US citizen arrested in Russia on spying charges. As his brother is not a spy Russian government hasn't released any details about the espionage charges, and we haven't heard anything from the American government, David Whelan, twin brother a former brain Paul Whalen says his brother was in Russia to attend a wedding when he was arrested. It's nine thirty two at news ninety six point five WDBO message and data rates. Space some regions are vast and empty.

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